Mont Blanc also means 'White Peak'. Because the temperature here is cold all year round, the snow is covered with a white color. A very interesting point of Mont Blanc is that the altitude of the mountain top changes every year under the impact of climate change.

With the development of French tourism, many works were built here to serve tourists visiting the Mont Blanc mountain region. The most typical is the cable car system going from the top of Midi in France to the top of Helbronner in Italy.

If the top of the mountain is a place for those who are passionate about adventure, on the contrary, the foot of the mountain is the place of a bustling city with full facilities to serve you best for your ski vacation here.

This is the highest mountain in Europe, but the cost is much cheaper than Switzerland, so it's good to see this, please read it.
Many of you ask how to get to Mont Blanc?

️✈️ ✈️ ✈️
👉 Fly to the nearest airport, which is Geneva International Airport (88km).
There are coach, bus or shuttle services that connect daily between Geneva and Italy, leaving the airport to see a Bus with the word Mont Blanc on it.
👉 France's Lyon International Airport (220km) to the airport, there is a high-speed train TGV running directly to Mont Blanc
👉Haute-Savoie Mont Blanc Airport (90km), Bus runs nearly 2 hours to arrive
👉From St Gervais-le Fayet train station, only 20km to Mont Blanc, you can use the TER regional train or the TGV high speed train.
👉 The Mont Blanc Express
The SNCF railway line is connected from St Gervais-le Fayet to Martigny (Switzerland) via Servoz, Les Houches, Chamonix, Argentière and Vallorcine

The rest, you can drive there by car and look it up on Google map yourself
🍀🍀🍀  Where to stay when going to Mont Blanc?
🌷🌷🌷The sophisticated, boisterous city of Chamonix located at the foot of the mountain is where you stop
❤️Residence Victoria
❤️Apartment La Ginabelle
❤️Apartment Jonquille 2C
These are very affordable resorts and many satisfied customers
🥄🥢🥄🥢   Where to eat when coming here?
Hibou Deli
🍀Le Vert Hotel Restaurant
La Fine Bouche
🍀Bighorn Bistro & Bakery
🍀Aiguille du Midi - Le 3842
La Remise
Beurre Noisette
🍀Restaurant Albert 1er
Le Fer a Cheval
Le Panier des 4 Saisons


❤️❤️❤️What to do when going to Mont Blanc?
👉 Aiguille du Midi
The peak of Aiguille du Midi with an altitude of 3,842m is considered one of the attractive tourist destinations in France. You can easily climb to the top with the cable car system built in 1955, for two decades it was the tallest cable car in the world.
👉 Brevent Cable Car
Cable car to Le Brévent at an altitude of 2,525m. Explore the south slopes and amazing panoramic views of Mont Blanc.
From the top of Le Brévent, there is a walkway to the Aiguillette des Houches through the mountain hut Bel-Lachat, where you can enjoy a moment of peace and contemplation on the sunny terraces.
Opposite Mont Blanc is Plaques du Brévent, just a 5-minute walk from the top of the cable car, if you want to climb.

🥢🥢🥢 Vote for you to come here for lunch
🌷The restaurant "Le Panoramique" has delicious food and especially has a beautiful panoramic view of Mont Blanc.

👉 Blanc (Blue Lake)
First stop, Plan de l'Aiguille at 2317m. Here you can walk to explore the surrounding places and take pictures with the blue lake Lac Blanc
👉Glacier des Bossons
The Bossons Glacier chalet is a 5-minute walk from the chairlift. From the terrace you can admire the greatness of the glacier and the pyramid plateau.
👉Vallee Blanche
If you like hiking, this is the place for you
👉Les Grands Montets
From the village of Argentière, the 1972 m Lognan cable car takes you into the realm of rugged alpine scenery at the foot of Aiguille Verte.
From Lognan railway station, a boardwalk takes you to the lookout for an impressive waterfall.
In Lognan, in the cable car station and in the Lognan mountain shelter chalet, it's a 30-minute walk. 
You can also watch helicopters and skydive here
👉Step Into the Void
For those with a chronic fear of heights, Step Into The Void is a great solution. You will admire the panoramic view of the Grand Mountains, in the glass room built at the top of the Aiguille du Midi . mountain
An option for a lower altitude experience is to hike along the Tour Mont Blanc route that encircles the 170-meter mountain. Crossing the territory of 3 countries France, Switzerland and Italy lies at an altitude of about 2,700 m.

👉ESPACE TAIRRAZ - Crystal Museum & Espace Alpinisme - Crystal museum exhibition
👉 If you go down the mountain, you can come here
🌷 Parc de loisirs de Chamonix
This is Chamonix National Amusement Park, a great place for family, friends or groups, there are many activities and games waiting for you like summer skating, slides, electric scooter rides, outdoor playground, giant ferris wheel, splash boat, indoor playground, hoop ride, mechanical zipper, mechanical excavator. 800-space parking, self-service bar, picnic area. Tickets are available at MBS
❤️  Ticket to Mont Blanc
Adults: 55 euro / 2 way cable car
Children: 50 euro / 2 way cable car
Free entry for children < 5 years.
Child entry valid for 5 - 14 years.
When you buy this ticket, MBS will pass you the Voucher code with QR code via email, when you go to the Cable Car area, there are 2 automatic machines right next to the information counter, you just need to give the code. When you enter the QR code, the machine will automatically print out tickets for you after 1 minute
👉👉👉  This ticket you can go
Visit the glacier and cave in the Mer de Glacier 
An extremely great thing that helps you save money on the trip is that in Chamonix Valley, there is no charge to take the cable car. With a year-round bus system, it is extremely convenient.

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