European Getaway: France, Switzerland, Italy Tour

European Getaway: France, Switzerland, Italy Tour

European Getaway: France, Switzerland, Italy Tour

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime European getaway as you explore the enchanting landscapes and rich cultures of France, Switzerland, and Italy. This meticulously crafted tour promises breathtaking views, world-renowned landmarks, and unforgettable experiences that will leave you with cherished memories for years to come. Discover the heart of Europe with this extraordinary journey.

Day 1 in European getaway tour: Venice – A Water Taxi Into the City of Canals

Fly to Venice, the Adriatic's queen, and discover its charm through waterways. Travel along canals, passing grand townhouses and historic bridges. Take a stroll between the island neighborhoods, sip Bellini cocktails as street musicians play twilight serenades. Relax on a terrace close to St. Mark’s Square as Venice is much quieter in the evening after the day-trippers have returned to their hotels on the mainland. Soak up one of the world’s most unique cities, with your hotel ideally located on the Grand Canal.

Day 2 in European getaway tour : Venice – Romance and Elegance

Venice is a city where grandeur pours from the walls, and it seems improbable that so much has survived for so long. Explore Doge’s Palace and its secrets, your local guide taking you beneath corridors lined with world-famous art pieces. Walk over the Bridge of Sighs and stop to re-energize in a cafe best known to the locals.Explore Venice's islands with a gondolier, learn about the ancient tradition, and visit glassblowers. Enjoy lunch with water views. Spend the afternoon as you wish, or let your guide show you Venice's art scene, including works by Titian, Tintoretto, and Guardi.

Day 3 in European getaway tour : Rome – Into the Eternal City

Travel from Venice to Rome in just over 3 hours by high-speed train. Enjoy Tuscany's beauty before arriving in ancient Rome. Stay in a historic area near the Pantheon. Take an orientation tour with a local guide. Explore famous sights, high-quality restaurants, and cafes. Relax and savor the local atmosphere in Rome.

Day 4 in European getaway tour : Rome – Highlights of Ancient Rome

European Getaway: France, Switzerland, Italy Tour

Whispers from ancient walls in Rome, older than the Colosseum, reveal a complex, hidden history. With a local guide, envision a time of gladiators and empires. Three days in Rome offer a leisurely pace to explore. Visit piazzas, small churches, and journey through the centuries.

The Colosseum and Pantheon reflect the old Roman Empire, while old Rome's highlights span centuries. Michelangelo praised it as a place made by angels. On your second day in Venice, the afternoon is flexible. Consider a tour of Trastevere, an iconic, lived-in neighborhood.

Day 5 in European getaway tour: Rome – Exploring the Vatican and Beyond

Experience a European Getaway in the holy Vatican City, a pilgrimage site and a haven of beauty. Stroll through St. Peter’s Square, then enjoy fast-track entry to the Vatican Museums, home to a world-renowned art collection. Admire pre-eminent sculptures, colossal canvases, and masterfully painted chapels, including Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling. With a private guide, gain exclusive access to the Bramante Staircase and explore St. Peter’s Basilica. A morning in the Vatican Museums suffices with efficient guidance, leaving time for a leisurely lunch nearby. Afterward, explore another piazza, palazzo, or church to complete your enriching day in this historic city.

Day 6 in European getaway tour: Florence – Tuscan Wine Tasting and Renaissance


Travel by road to Florence, the streets twisting as they ascend through Tuscany. Stop in Orvieto, where the landscape is carpeted by vineyards. Stop into wineries as you travel, and a winemaker will invite you in for a tasting. Savor more of the region’s flavors as you enjoy a live cooking demonstration in an Italian kitchen, and then sit down to a lunch paired with local Tuscan wines.

This experience will feel like an iconic culinary experience that blurs into the iconicity of Florence, as you spend the afternoon and evening in the Renaissance city. Like with Venice your first day is left free. You can walk without a map, explore beyond the postcards, and make your own impressions of this otherworldly city. As twilight approaches and the church bells chime, you will likely sit back and smile as Florentine life is unfolding all around.

Day 7 in European getaway tour: Florence – Exploring the Masterpieces

With your guide alongside, you will look down the backstreets and enter the palaces. Gaze up at the colors of the cathedral, sounds coming from the bell tower as you admire Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise. Piazza della Signoria is like an open-air gallery from five centuries ago, its sculpted figures the works of great Renaissance artists. Compare this to the simple beauty of Santa Croce Basilica, and then take some time to discover opulent nearby streets. Again, your afternoon is flexible, and again, art can be your focus. All across Florence, some palaces that became galleries, the settings as impressive as the works by Raphael and others. While Michelangelo’s David stands proudly in Galleria dell’Accademia, there are many other superb galleries to visit.

France, Switzerland, Italy Tour

Day 8: Lucerne – Swiss Landscapes From a Dream

Fly direct from Florence to Lucerne, surrounded by mountains. Enjoy two relaxed days along the lakeshore. It's a beautiful road journey from Italy to Switzerland, but a long way. Spend your afternoon with a local guide, admiring Lucerne's attractions and savoring Swiss cuisine. Don't miss the cheese fondue.

Consider minibus hire from Rome for a convenient visit to picturesque Lucerne nestled in the Swiss Alps. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Lucerne with a rented minibus, exploring its landscapes, lakes, and heritage for an unforgettable travel experience.

Day 9: Lucerne – High Up in the Pristine Alps

Day 9: Lucerne – High Up in the Pristine Alps European Getaway

Rise into the Alps, first on a funicular railway, and then in an open-top cable car. Mount Stanserhorn is your destination, a peak with superb views across Switzerland and into Germany. It is up here that you will meet a Swiss Ranger and take a short hike, learning about local flora and fauna on your route. If you enjoy hiking, then there are various trails to take from up here, including the zigzag going back down to Lucerne. In the afternoon, you might be up in the mountains or exploring the pedestrianized Old Town. Another option is to travel by horse-drawn carriage into the surrounding countryside. Lucerne takes its cuisine seriously, and there are many excellent places to dine this evening. 

Day 10: Paris – Delectable Landscapes and the City of Lights

The European Getaway is a popular travel destination, known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. Explore iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and charming canals of Venice. Indulge in delicious cuisine, history, art, and natural beauty across Europe. Convenient train system and close proximity make it easy to explore multiple cities. The European Getaway has something for everyone, from history buffs to romantics.

During the trip you can consider renting a bordeaux minibus hire or coach hire paris to make your trip more comfortable instead of using public buses.

Day 11: Paris – Food and Neighborhoods Tour of Paris

Paris comes alive through its food, and by following your palate, you will get to see very local parts of the city. Explore with an avid foodie and get to know the differences between a boulangerie, fromagerie, and patisserie, not just what they sell but also in the smells that lure you inside. Go to meet a chocolatier and learn all about macarons in the neighborhood where this treat was first invented. Visit a local produce market and sample delights from across the country, the wines, and the hams and cheeses so distinctive based on where they originate. Your guide will introduce you to some of the basics of food and wine pairing as you finish the tour in a small bistro, where the combination of flavors feels infinite.

With a free afternoon in Paris, it will feel as though there are too many options to consider. Climb up the Eiffel Tower or down the Champs Elysees, dip into the designer stores or just wander along the riverside promenade. Paris can entertain you for days, and by spending several nights, you cannot see it all, but you can experience a lot of what makes the city special. Different art galleries open later on different evenings, and some streets come alive with the sound of music. So go out and explore, soak it all up, walk the lanes and find a dinner table in a small restaurant, amid this city of lights.

France, Switzerland, Italy Tour

Day 12: Paris – French Palaces and Patisseries

For this final day of your tour, you can discover a little more of France. Rather than setting out for the over-popular Versailles, you can take a one-hour train to Fontainebleau, where an equally impressive World Heritage palace is ripe for discovery. Explore the imperial legacy with a guide, learning all about the artwork that hangs from the walls, and then immerse yourself in the local market, which is practically unchanged for three centuries now. Traders shout of their produce as the many aromas float through the air. There are many good cafes in the main town square, and it is nice to be away from the tourist-centered squares of the capital. Fontainebleau is also home to a stunning forest, a place you can discover before the train back to Paris and a final night on vacation.

Day 13: Paris – Departure

This last morning will be at your leisure. Late check-out can be arranged, and you will be transferred to the airport with plenty of time before your return flight.

In conclusion, the European Getaway: France, Switzerland, Italy Tour is a dream come true for travelers seeking an immersive and unforgettable European Getaway experience. This meticulously planned journey takes you on a captivating adventure through some of the most iconic and picturesque destinations in Europe. 

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