Best places to visit in Europe during wine harvest season

The perfect time to visit Europe is when the grapes are in season. The 5 best places on this continent will make your trip worthwhile and fun!

1. La Rioja, Spain

La Rioja, a beautiful part of Northern Spain known for its wines and vineyards. More than 500 estates in this region produce some fantastic vintages that are sure to please any palate. 

Along your walking route through the fields, you can taste ripe grapes or witness how they harvest them before ending at one special couple's home, where we'll enjoy an intimate tasting session together, while getting caught up on all things Logrono related, from politics & social issues affecting everyday life here so too history lessons about its rich cultural heritage.

There isn't anything better than experiencing La Rioja’s perfect weather.

Logroño is a drinker's destination. The city has been home to some of the most delicious food and wine in all Spain, especially when it comes time for San Mateo Fiestas—a two-day celebration dedicated only to grape harvesting that attracts visitors from around Europe. 

One way you can enjoy this event? Try out Logroño' signature dish: Paella made with rice cooked in chicken stock alongside vegetables such as peppers or tomatoes, often followed up by dessert wines like Chocolate Brownie XO (sweet).

Best places to visit in Europe during wine harvest season

2. South Styria, Austria

Harvest time in South Styria is a perfect opportunity to explore this beautiful region and enjoy some of Austria's best wines. The road trip along wine roads will reward you with breathtaking views, and plenty of small-town festivals celebrating all things related to vineyards (and food!). 

Plus, excellent local cuisine! But if we're being honest: It's not just about drinking iced cold white stuff. Other types are offered here, like robust reds made from Pinot Noir grapes, or elegant sparkling whites crafted by skilled technicians using only natural ingredients such as fruit juice rather than artificial sterilization techniques.

Make your way through scenic terrain dotted with quaint towns and inviting wine taverns to discover a different side of Germany. The 44-mile long route is easy enough for anyone with their own car, but it can also be explored over one or two days, if you're looking for more conveniently located accommodations in between certain points along this loop road.

The breathtaking scenery makes it feels like Italy—lush rolling hills broke up only by vineyards bursting forth fruit.

Best places to visit in Europe during wine harvest season

3. Slovenia

Slovenia is an excellent destination for all seasons with its beautiful landscapes and friendly people. From July to September, you can visit vineyards that are filled with golden grapes as summer wanes in their transition into autumn.

Then, from October until February it's time to get your hand-picking them! There will always be something going on during these two months, so plan by bookkeeping some free days near Trgatev (a town known mostly because of this sacred tradition).

When the guests arrive, they are greeted by a head of household who gives them their grape harvesting shears. The process continues with storytelling and singing as people pick grapes in groups while an accordion player provides backing music throughout all this fun!

The harvest in Slovenia begins around late August, with the most popular time being November. You can enjoy wine tastings and tours throughout this period to experience all it offers during one season.

One place worth visiting for your vacation is Maribor which features an old vineyard known as "Old Vine." This ritualistic event celebrates age-old traditions, while providing participants a sense of community through shared experiences like grape juice shot glasses, or bread dipped into spilled musty aura gathered at each person's plate after they have finished cutting up their own grapes.

Best places to visit in Europe during wine harvest season

4. Tuscany, Italy

Wine has been a part of the culture in Tuscany for centuries. This area is home to some famous wine districts, including Chianti and Montepulciano, producing quality wines since before the prohibition era America even existed.

The grape harvest usually starts with white grapes during August's midpoint, or later because they require more time on vines than red ones. It ends in October when all pressing needs have been met (sometimes even earlier). 

Many different towns hold their own celebration, according to those specific dates depending upon how large each festival will be. However, there isn't just one across town: Everyone celebrates differently because every community sees this event as something special.

If you're wondering what could be non-vegan about wine, some winemakers use animal-based filters such as gelatin or casein to speed up the process. Another tipple worth seeking is a Chianti DOCG Superiore called Vegante, produced by Sensium Wineries in Lamporecchio, which has been earning international awards for its quality since 2000.

Best places to visit in Europe during wine harvest season

5. Kakheti, Georgia

Georgia is home to some of the world’s best wines, and it's no surprise that this ancient nation has been drinking them since at least 6th Millennium BC. The earliest evidence for winemaking came from Georgia, so there are plenty more places worth visiting in pursuit if you're looking into where your next vacation will be spent.

Georgia is a harvest paradise for wine lovers. The country's best-known beverage, qvevri or traditional Georgian wines are made by placing grapes in an earthen vessel, buried deep underground with skin contact to gain tannin that gives dark amber/red drinks their rich flavor profile and body before they're blended together during the fermentation process, which can take up two months depending on temperature levels (55 degrees Fahrenheit needed). 

Western Georgia is a region known for its wine, but it’s not just the eastern side that produces. Kakheti in the central western part of the country hosts 70% (or more) vineyards, where you can find beautiful wines with unique flavors, depending on the grapes grown there.

Alazani Valley includes tours and tastings at wineries throughout this scenic area, while visitors go DIY by traveling to Sighnaghi town before exploring and driving around separately instead.

Best places to visit in Europe during wine harvest season

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