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Istanbul is a very famous city in Turkey, although it is not the main capital, but Istanbul is always a destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. Istanbul always hides many interesting and unexpected points, it is also known for its center and famous landmarks located in Europe, but 1/3 of its territory is located in Asia. Coming to Istanbul, you can't miss the following points: 1 - Grand Bazaar It can be said that, traveling to Turkey and wanting to have a true sense of the business life of the people, you cannot ignore the Grand Bazaar. This market owns more than 3000 shops covered in gold and more than 400,000 people come to shop every day. Featuring lovely lanterns, hand embroidered tapestries and meticulously handcrafted silver jewelry2- Spice Bazar Market, also known as Misir Carsisi. Unlike the Grand Bazaar, this market sells all kinds of spices from around the world. Here you can find everything from mushrooms, dried fruit, tea, to herbs... It's also one of the biggest and busiest markets in Istanbul. 3-Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofia). In the past, it used to be the largest church in the world for nearly a millennium, but is now a museum. The most prominent feature of the museum is the magnificent dome and magnificent mosaics. That beauty can make even the greatest architects admire. 4-Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed) It is one of the interesting destinations that attracts thousands of tourists. This church is very large, has a massive architecture, made up of 5 domes and 6 slender towers. The interior is equally impressive with more than 20,000 handcrafted blue bricks. 5- Palace of Topkapi Topkapi Palace, the main residence of the Ottoman Empire for more than four centuries, is now open to all visitors. The palace was rebuilt by Mehmed, the conqueror of Constantinople. It is popular with Turkish tourists for its magnificent rooms and extremely lavish furniture, in addition to its collections of weapons, religious artefacts, and jewellery. Topkapi was once recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site thanks to its historical stature as well as its unique beauty. 6-Galata Tower Located in Istanbul's Galata neighbourhood, the Galata Tower has been the representative of Turkey for many years. The tower was built hundreds of years ago and is made entirely of stone. Locals also give this tower another name called 'Galata Kulesi'. Galata has a height of 67 meters and allows visitors to admire a part of Istanbul after reaching the tower by elevator. 7- Dolmabahce Palace Located along the Bosphorus coast, which separates Istanbul into two territories located in Europe and Asia, Dolmabahce is the newest of all the palaces in Istanbul. The interior of the palace is designed in European architectural style and is adorned with 145 tons of pure gold, 131 handmade silk carpets and 6 Turkish baths. Dolmabahce is also very famous for the world's largest Bohemia crystal chandelier set, gifted by Queen Victoria of England. Come to the beautiful country of Turkey, do not miss the opportunity to admire this palace Turkey attracts tourists by the beauty of the mixture of Eurasian and European cultures. And coming to the city of Istanbul, you will find it hard to resist the enchanting beauty of this city.

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