Aurora Hunting Tour in Iceland


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The most beautiful Aurora is from October onwards, if you come to Iceland, you definitely cannot miss this show because it will be an unforgettable experience.
Tour package includes:
1- 2-way bus ticket
2- Professional local guide
3- Free Wifi
A few notes when you use this tour package at MBS Travel:
👉 In case you don't see the Northern Lights, you can re-register on the next days completely free of charge
👉 You should bring warm clothes
👉 Tour guides are experts in the aurora, please ask them how to take photos to get the most light, they will support you and take pictures for you
👉 Children are always welcome in this tour package, however the Aurora Hunting Tour time usually starts from 9pm until 1am which means 4 hours, which will be a long and cold time for children. Therefore, families with children under 6 years old should not participate because it is not very suitable
👉 You can buy waffles and hot drinks on the spot with a separate surcharge which is not included in the Tour package of Nice house. Waffles and hot drinks are only available when the Tour departs at 21:00.
Current ticket price of MBS Travel: 32 euro / 1 person.


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