12 Fabulous Things To Do In Malmö, South Sweden

12 Fabulous Things To Do In Malmö, South Sweden

Sweden’s 3rd largest city, Malmö, is a dynamic mix of historic architecture, cool contemporary design and coastal city vibes. Only a 40-minute train journey from Copenhagen over the Øresund Bridge, Malmö is really easy to reach, and even easier to enjoy with plenty of attractions to keep you entertained.

However, Malmö is sometimes overlooked for its larger neighbours. So let’s take a look at some of fabulous things to do and why you should visit…

1. Begin in Stortorget

Stortorget - the main square in Malmö, South Sweden

2. The Turning Torso

The Turning Torso in Malmo, Sweden

3. Stroll around Western Harbour - one of fabulous things to do here

Western Harbour - things to do in Malmö, South Sweden.

The Turning Torso is located by Western Harbour, a newly-renovated district of Malmö that rests on the shoreline of the Øresund Sound. Western Harbour sits on what used to be the Kockums shipyard but has now turned into a waterside living development of cafes, apartments and a gorgeous broadway that overlooks a beach and the stunning Øresund Bridge. Here also lies the biggest skateboarding and climbing park in Europe, Stapelbäddsparken.

4. Look for street art

Things to do in Malmö - look for street art

Ever since the 2014 Art Scape Festival which saw several international street artists take to the walls of Malmö, the city keeps getting more and more colourful. I’ve written a post specifically about where you can find street art in Malmö so check it out!

5. Stroll around the cobbled streets of Lilla Torget

Lilla Torget - things to do in Malmö

6. Visit Malmö Castle and explore the City Museum

If the new landmark of the city is the Turning Torso, the historic landmark of Malmö belongs to the city’s castle, Malmöhus. Protected by a great moat, this 16th century fortress cuts quite a stout figure. And is actually the oldest Renaissance castle in all of Scandinavia. Now it houses the city museum with some eclectic exhibits that include local medieval history, a WWII submarine, a section on dinosaurs and an aquarium.

7. Relax in Kungsparken

Kungsparken - things to see and do in Malmo, South Sweden

8. Marvel at Malmö City Library - fabulous things to visit

Inside Malmo City Library, Sweden

Malmö’s City Library is truly stunning. A place where both book lover’s and architecture lovers will find a joy to visit. Inside, you’ll find a huge wall of glass windows that look out towards the Kungsparken. So whether you’ve got your head in a book or looking up at the contemporary interior design, you’ll be inspired.

9. Try some of the best food in Sweden - one of fabulous things that you must try

Seafood at Belle Epoque restaurant in Malmo, Sweden

Malmö is located in the county of Skåne which is famous for the quality of its restaurants, fresh ingredients and traditional dishes. Try the classic Swedish dish of Pyttipanna, a fried hash of potato, onion, minced meat, beetroot and fried egg. Whether its freezing, you’re hungover or looking for something not pickled, always say yes to Pyttipanna. Since Malmö is a city by the sea you will find delicious seafood, and for that I recommend Belle Epoque and for something even more decadent, Vollmers (both offer Veggie too!).

Malmö Konsthall - Modern Art Museum

Malmö Konsthall has one of the largest exhibition halls in Europe, which presents a mix of classic art and temporary exhibitions. The museum was constructed as an open space area, made of wood, glass and concrete. It was opened in 1975, and has been a cultural hub for locals and tourists ever since. The ceiling varies in height and uses natural and artificial light to create an exhibition space of endless possibilities. The museum was designed by architect Klas Anshelm. The admission is free. So it's fabulous things to visit.

11. Take a trip to the university city of Lund

Malmo to Lund by train

The nearby university city of Lund is definitely worth a visit – it’s only a 15-minute train trip from Malmö! For quite a small place there’s quite a lot to see, including a stunning Gothic cathedral, Kulturen and the Botanical Gardens. And when you’re not ticking off the bigger attractions, Lund is full of cobblestone streets, low brick houses and excellent coffee shops to whittle away the rest of your time. Trains run frequently.

12. Catch the train to the pretty town of Ystad

Malmo to Ystad by train
It's fabulous things you can't miss.
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