24 hours in Porto, Portugal. What to do?

24 hours in Porto, Portugal. What to do?

The city of Porto in Portugal is a great place to immerse yourself with its beautiful architecture and history. This easy itinerary will help you get the most out of it.

Visit Clerigos tower

The most famous tower in Porto, Clerigos Church, and Tower is an instantly recognizable landmark. It stands 75 meters tall with views for miles around. 

If you want to climb up inside its bells (and hear them ring), make sure that tickets are reserved well before your visit because availability changes depending on the season. 

It may not be possible if there's no snowfall, or temperatures have been too warm lately. But don't worry! You can still enter this church while exploring other areas instead.

24 hours in Porto, Portugal, what to do

Capela Das Almas

The iconic Chapel of Souls, Capela das Almas, is one place you cannot miss when visiting Porto. 

The church has been a popular destination for visitors since it opened its doors to the public centuries ago. It continues to be so even today, with photos popping up everywhere on social media platforms like Instagram. 

With an impressive facade covered in traditional Azulejos tiles depicting various historical scenes and being conveniently located nearby from Bolhao Metro Station, this attraction would be difficult not to visit, if only briefly during your stay here.

24 hours in Porto, Portugal, what to do

Visit the two churches of the Igreja Do Carmo

You can’t miss Igreja do Carmo when you are exploring Porto. It is similarly decorated from roof to foundation in beautiful blue Azulejos, consisting of two churches and a house, the narrowest in all of Portugal.

There was an alleyway that separated these structures, but it ended up being transformed into one big open space with no dividing lines whatsoever: just endless rooms filled wall-to-wall by intricately carved stone tables depicting scenes from Christ's life on earth (and quite possibly other things).

24 hours in Porto, Portugal, what to do

Visit Livraria Lello

The city of Porto in Portugal is said to have inspired a lot of details woven into the Harry Potter series. For instance, it once had an unfortunate dictator called Salazar, who was most likely named after him.

However, JK Rowling has denied this fact when penning her books. However, there are still many similarities between Livraria Lello, one such book store where you can find curving staircases and winding halls similar to those found at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft & Wizardry, which draws tourists by hundreds every day hoping they'll catch sight or even smell something 'magical'.

Livraria Lello is a historic bookshop in the city of Porto. You can either admire it from afar or enter for €5, which you may redeem off our price as a novel souvenir back home.

For €15, we guarantee priority access plus one complimentary copy that will improve your day. Do not miss out on this opportunity if visiting Livraria localization during business hours, because they also sell some really great Portuguese cuisine there, like sandwiches and wines.

24 hours in Porto, Portugal, what to do

Enjoy Francesinha

Francesinha is the perfect food for your visit to Porto. This meat sandwich usually contains ham or sausages, is covered in melted cheese, served with an egg on top, and then doused in tomato sauce.

It's every bit as rich & calorific as you would imagine. If veganism isn't for you, but mixed groups visiting want some variety instead of Portuguese sausage links (which can get quite messy), there are also plant-based alternatives, like tempeh/tofu sandwiches.

24 hours in Porto, Portugal, what to do

Visit the Azulejos at Sao Bento train station

The São Bento Train Station is stunning. If quick, stop on your whirlwind tour through Porto. The entire interior of this historic railway station has been beautifully decorated with blue and white tiles.

More than 22 thousand individual pieces in total. You’ll be awe-struck by their beauty as scenes from Portuguese history come to life before you: battles fought & won, architectural marvels constructed miles upon miles across rural landscapes, gone by eras long past but not forgotten or abandoned entirely.

The artist responsible for these exquisite works deserves recognition, too, because without him, there would likely only exist tales passed down.

24 hours in Porto, Portugal, what to do

Porto Cathedral

When you stand at a vantage point overlooking the River Douro, it is easy to overlook Porto Cathedral. After all, 70 incredible places of worship in this city are vying for attention.

Not only does its design show off some unique features, but it also dates back over 800 years ago, making these ruins even older than many other historic buildings around town.

The Romanesque Gothic style building was built during 13th century AD, making it the oldest structure.

This is the perfect chance to get some much-needed sea air. The bustling port city of Porto, Portugal will be your new home for an incredible weekend escape. You can start with a visit to their gorgeous cathedral, where you'll have views from both inside and outside on top.

It's one worth seeing before anything else happens throughout this touristic countryside staycation at its finest form.

24 hours in Porto, Portugal, what to do

Visit the Dom Luis bridge

The Historic Centre of Oporto is a treasure trove for history buffs. From churches to old houses, this small town has it all, and you’ll find yourself within walking distance from one critical landmark after another. 

If your feet are itching with curiosity, then head down towards Ribeira District where there's plenty more architecture worth viewing before crossing over into Vila Nova de Gaia on The Dom Luis Bridge, another iconic symbol that sets Portgo apart globally as One City.

You can enjoy a view of Porto from the Mosterio da Serra do Pilar. This monastery has an observation platform that will allow you to see all its highlights, and it’s only one stop on your journey into town.

24 hours in Porto, Portugal, what to do

Don’t forget to taste Port wine 

When Britain was at war with France and Spain, British tradespeople turned to Porto for wine. 

They acquired cod from Northern Europe, which they sold in exchange for alcoholic beverages like the famous Portuguese Port Wine, or any other local wines produced nearby, such as Fradi Mendoca white grapes grown just 15 min away near town centre, closer to Vinho Verde region, where most wineries are located along coastline due do its optimal climate conditions.

Though Port wine is popular in Britain, it’s worth a trip to the heart of Portugal for unbeatable views and an excellent selection. 

While there are various cellars around Vila Nova de Gaia, where you can taste different varieties or take part in guided tours before making your own way back home, we recommend Viator if this sounds like something up your alley.

24 hours in Porto, Portugal, what to do

Enjoy a Six Bridges Sunset cruise to finish your day

It's time to hit the streets and explore Porto! You'll be interested in six bridges, but don't worry, there is so much more than just this historic city center. 

Get Your Guide has some great choices for you: from history at sunset with an evening cruise on one side of town or another, from all-inclusive tours that include transportation service throughout your stay and delicious food prepared by professional chefs right before their eyes (and maybe even yours!). Wine tasting cruises serve any occasion needs, whatever suits your mood.

To explore Porto by bus, don’t hesitate to contact MBS87: sales@mbs87.com or +33771800874 to rent a bus for a day.

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