What to buy as Souvenirs from Paris and Beyond

When traveling to the cultural centre that is the City of Lights - Paris - tourists are sure to want to take something home with them. But, souvenirs from Paris, what to buy, and where to find? Such questions are to be expected. And in this article, we will offer you some ideas for buying the best souvenirs from Paris. Read now so you won't be stuck with the old reliable miniature Eiffel Tower.

Best things to buy in Paris – and where to buy them

While there are many souvenir shops in Paris (and street vendors for that matter too), we encourage you to cast your net wider, and think more laterally about things to buy from Paris.

Start your journey at bustling markets like Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, where antique treasures and vintage finds await. Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of Montmartre's artists' quarter, where local artisans showcase their talents through unique paintings and sculptures. For a taste of Parisian elegance, explore the charming streets of Le Marais, dotted with chic boutiques offering fashionable souvenirs and artisanal goods. For a touch of whimsy, visit the charming bookstores along the Seine, where literary delights and Paris-themed trinkets abound.

Things to buy from Paris for your home

Homewares are a very popular souvenir from France. Linen tea towels are generally excellent quality and are widely available – as are napkins and other table linens. I find them an excellent choice for regional souvenirs as they are generally typical of the region and are easy to carry around on my travels. Bed linen is very good quality and is easy to take home.

Kitchen ware is another good option, although you may need to arrange to send your heavier or bulkier purchases home. The France Travel Planning Facebook group recommends Le Creuset and Laguiole cutlery as being excellent value in France, but cookware is generally popular. The best Paris kitchenware shop is undoubtedly the historic E. Dehillerin which stocks literally everything you could possibly want to cook with – even things you didn’t know you needed.

If a Le Creuset pot is a bit outside your budget hit the flea markets for antique cutlery and other kitchen ware at fantastic prices.

Art is always a popular France souvenir. In Paris, look out for reasonably priced prints in the antique shops of the passages and flea markets. French museums have excellent posters and other decorator items that are quite easy to take home.

Ceramics and china are a little trickier to take home, but can be picked up cheaply in flea markets. There are also a myriad of small designers and ateliers throughout city where you can pick up a small piece you definitely won’t find at home.

Unique ceramic goods in Paris
Unique ceramic goods in Paris

Paris souvenirs to wear

Going by group members, a scarf is definitely a popular thing to buy in Paris – and of course you can also buy them throughout France. The cheapest ones cost just a few Euros in a souvenir shop or market and make excellent gifts from Paris – just don’t expect them to be silk or made in France. For made in France products, hit Galeries Lafayettes for an excellent range of their own brand silk scarves. Moreover, Galeries Lafayettes usually hosts several events throughout the year, check out their schedule here.

Galeries Lafayettes
Galeries Lafayettes

Jewellery is another excellent choice if you aren’t sure what to buy from France, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Bypass the big haut jewelry brands of the Place Vendôme and head into the little shopping streets of the Marais and the 6th arrondissement for the best examples of very fine, pretty, French designed earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

If you are looking for children’s and baby wear look no further than Monoprix for very pretty, very French styles at great prices. Of course, if money is no object, you will want to hit the high end designers, or French label Bonpoint.

A designer handbag is certainly one of the great souvenirs of France. In the Facebook group, Louis Vuitton and Longchamps le pliage range seem to be the go to options for most high end handbags or purses. But if you want a French bag and don’t want to spend enough for a small car, don’t despair. There are plenty of other choices available. Inès de la Fressange sells a range of very covetable leather cross body bags in different sizes and colours. Jerome Dreyfuss is a French classic brand and Zadig & Voltaire sell clothes and accessories, including bags, for every would-be Paris “it girl”.

Best souvenir from Paris & France – some other choices

Look out for store merchandise when you are in the large French department stores, but also other shops. Shakespeare & Co has a range of easy to take home merchandise, as does the well known eatery Les Deux Magots. Le Bon Marché has some of the smartest branded merchandise such as notebooks, shopping bags and luggage tags. Pick these up for just a few euros!

Outside Paris, keep an eye out for local items. In Provence, look out for santons (the local terracotta Christmas decoration), in Brittany Quimper ceramics are pretty and typical. The charmingly decorated Alsace ceramic cookware are the go tos. In northern France, it’s lace.

Delicate French lace
Delicate French lace


Finding souvenirs in Paris is an easy task if you know just what to look for and where. Souvenirs don't just have to be home decorations, it can be something to eat, or something to wear. If you are interested in taking a tour around Paris and explore all the souvenirs it has to offer, consider using a bus rental service. MBS 87 has a reputation for excellent service, reliable fleet, and more. Explore our offers for Paris bus rental here. So what are you waiting for? Explore Paris and bring home all the unique souvenirs you can buy.

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