4 Best Places To Visit In The Netherlands

4 Best Places To Visit In The Netherlands

If you’re trying to pick a European country to explore on a road trip by car, van (or even by bicycle), then the Netherlands can be an excellent option! Located in Western Europe, this country is relatively small and borders only Germany and Belgium.

With stunning natural landscapes, hundreds of medieval castles and fortifications, and more than ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Netherlands has a lot to offer its local and foreign tourists, in terms of historical destinations and cultural heritage.

1. Amsterdam - one of best places to visit in Netherlands

First of all, it’s interesting to mention that this guide is already the ninth in my series “10 Best Places To Visit In …”, after having shared the most must-visit cities and towns in France, Italy, Spain, Englaand, Gareece, Portugal, Germany, and Belgium! And like those guides, I found it important to start this bucket list in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is undoubtedly a mandatory destination on a trip to and/or through the Netherlands. After all, it’s here that you’ll find some of the most important museums, monuments, and historical buildings in the country, such as the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and Anne Frank’s House.

2. Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and is about 80 km from Amsterdam. Internationally known for its seaport – the largest in Europe – Rotterdam became an important trading port in the 17th century, during the so-called Dutch Golden Age.

3. The Hague

Did you know that although Rotterdam is the largest city in South Holland (in Dutch, Zuid-Holland), the capital of this province is The Hague (in Dutch, Den Haag)? As the third most populous city in the Netherlands, The Hague is also the country’s seat of government and the place of residence of the

Dutch Royal Family.

In The Hague, I recommend visiting the Mauritshuis (the second most important art museum in the Netherlands, after the Rijksmuseum) as well as the Madurodam (a miniature city, with models of the most visited monuments in the country).

4. Utrecht

The Netherlands is made up of twelve administrative provinces (excluding islands in the so-called Dutch Caribbean). With Utrecht being the capital of the province with the same name. Located in the heart of the country, the city is the fourth most populous in the Netherlands and one of the oldest.

In Utrecht, it’s impossible to ignore the impressive Dome Tower (in Dutch, Domtoren), 112.5 meters high! Built as part of the former St. Martin’s Cathedral (or Dom Church – in Dutch, Domkerk). It’s the tallest church tower in the country.

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