Roman Colosseum - One of the 7 Architectural Wonders of the World

Roman Colosseum - One of the 7 Architectural Wonders of the World

Coming to Italy, we cannot help but mention the Roman Colosseum, where there is an arena that has existed since the years 70 and 72 AD and is now known as one of the 7 wonders of the world. The attraction is too great for those who love to see ancient relics and the slave-owning culture that has remained on the traces here over the centuries.

Some information about the Colosseum

Colosseum considered a symbol of Italy, Colosseum is a large arena located in the city of Rome, Italy - One of the most attractive European tourist destinations. Construction began around 70 - 80 AD under the reign of emperor Vespasian. This place can accommodate up to 50,000 spectators and is used for gladiator competitions and public performances. Today, it has been renovated and only retains 1/3 of the original structure.

The Roman Colosseum was built to be a place for fighters and slaves to compete. It is estimated that more than 500,000 - 1,000,000 people. And more than 1 million animals died in the arena because of defeat. The arena can even be turned into a flooded space to become an exciting naval battle location. In addition to being a place for spectacular Roman matches, the arena was also a place to organize public performances, plays, mock exercises at sea, animal hunting, classical plays...

... in the later stages, the arena was requisitioned as housing and shops for people.

Some information about the Colosseum

Experiencing many events such as complete collapse due to a major earthquake, collapses due to war. And precious materials from the ruins being stolen or requisitioned to rebuild the works. Other... The Roman Colosseum has more or less changed over time. However, with a date of more than 2000 years, the Colosseum is still considered a typical. Timeless architectural work, a symbol of the Roman empire, worthy of the title "historical witness"...

In the medieval period, a small church was built inside the arena, and the arena grounds became a cemetery, this was a big change for the Colosseum. Today, the Colosseum has become an attractive tourist destination for European and international tourists.

The Colosseum also has a close relationship with the Catholic church. Every year on Friday of Holy Week, this place is still used to hold the Way of the Cross ceremony presided over by the Pope.

The special architecture of the Roman arena

With a height of 48m, a length of 189m, and a width of 156m. The Colosseum is known as the oldest surviving structure made of only rudimentary materials. Which has become one of the mysteries for architects. And archeology takes hundreds of thousands of years of research. The project is quite special because the construction materials are completely made of travertine stone built on flat land on a floor of the valley between Caeli Hill, Esquiline Hill, and Palatine Hill and linked together by 300 tons of iron rings rather than using mortar. The architecture of the Colosseum did not follow the design of Roman buildings or structures at that time but had a somewhat liberal style.

The special architecture of the Roman arena

The Roman Colosseum was designed partly below as an underground network, and above as the floor of the arena. There are up to 80 doors surrounding the arena so spectators can move quickly despite the arena's very large capacity, of which 76 gates are numbered in Roman order for regular spectators. 1 gate is reserved for the king and his courtiers, the remaining 3 entrance gates are for the aristocracy. The four entrance gates for the king and nobles are all decorated with painted stucco reliefs. Over time, only fragments remain, but most of the architecture remains. original greatness from ancient times. The interior area is completely designed with 4 rows of arched doors made of square stone pillars and has a height of 48m divided into 3 floors. Thanks to that, people can quickly escape the building in just a few minutes.

Construction of the Roman Coliseum required more than 25,000 cubic meters of mortar. And gravel to mix into concrete and more than 1 million bricks of different sizes. The money used to build the arena came from the spoils of the war with the Jews in 66 to 73. Including about 50,000 pounds of silver and gold recovered from the temple in Jerusalem.

Currently, the Colosseum is a unique tourist destination, not to be missed when visiting the city of Rome. Every year, it attracts thousands of tourists to visit and admire. It is truly a great architectural work of humans from ancient times.

So how can you get to the Colosseum?

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