Improve your journey by a bus rental for Napoli tour

Napoli tour - Improve your journey by a bus rental for Napoli

Napoli, commonly known as Naples in English and French, is Italy's third largest city (after Rome and Milan). Let's go on a private tour for Napoli to explore this new land on bus rental service in Italy.

Overview of Napoli

Napoli is the center of the Metropolitan City of Napoli with more than 3 million inhabitants and is Italy's third most populous metropolitan city. As the oldest inhabited urban area in the world, the first steps in this land were made by the ancient Greeks around the 2nd millennium BC. And gradually became a place that played an important role in the interaction between Greece and Rome. 

Following the fall of the Roman Empire, Napoli gradually formed an autonomous principality under the Byzantine Empire. Starting in the 14th century and for more than 500 years, it was the capital of the Kingdom of Napoli and the Kingdom of the Silica respectively until the unification of Italy in 1861.

Overview of Naples - Bus rental for Napoli

With a history spanning centuries, Napoli has become one of the pioneering cradles of academic learning and a major intellectual center of the West, the most famous being the University of Napoli - "Federico II", an institute The first university in the world. 

In addition, the oldest school in Europe in the field of Oriental studies and Chinese studies - Naples Oriental University, the oldest military training academy still operating in the world - Nunziatella.

Naples is also the capital of Baroque art and an important center of Renaissance humanism and the Enlightenment century. Neapolitan is considered a language quite different from Italian, playing an important role in many fields (knowledge, culture, social formation,...). 

In particular, Napoli's cuisine is famous for pizza - a popular fast food that is loved globally. The art of making pizza in this city has now been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. There are many restaurants selling this dish and many other unique local dishes, some of which even have Michelin stars.

Things to do in Napoli

If you have a day on your private tour in Italy, you should spend a day exploring Naples. Join MBS87 on the bus rental service in Naples to tour around the unique locations.

Vesuvius volcano

This is one of the symbols of the city of Naples. Vesuvius volcano has stopped operating and currently there are many tours to explore this volcano to satisfy visitors' curiosity. The path to get to the top of the volcano is not too difficult, it only takes about 30 minutes to walk. And when you reach the top, you will admire the majesty of nature and the panoramic view of the city of Naples.

Ancient city of Pompeii

In 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted and wiped out the town of Pompeii - which was an extremely prosperous town in ancient Rome. Ash from the nearly 6 meter high volcano erupted at an extremely fast speed and covered the entire town, burying an estimated 10,000 people at that time. 

Nearly 150 years later, a Spanish engineer and other engineers began excavating the area. They used plaster and reattached the fallen pieces, covering the gaps in the remaining bodies with plaster. And from there, they recreated the image of people at that time facing the wrath of Mount Vesuvius. Today, these human statues are displayed in the Garden of the Fugitives.

Veiled Christ

This is one of the best museums displaying ancient Greek and Roman antiquities in the world. This museum is located right in the center of Naples. This posthumous statue of Christ was carved from a single marble by Giuseppe Sanmartino in 1753. Using miraculous sculpting, he was able to turn a hard block of stone into soft lines. flexible.

How to get to Napoli?

Bus rental for Napoli

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So let's go to Napoli with us MBS87

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