Top 10 best souvenirs from Italy

Top 10 best souvenirs from Italy

If you're looking for a great Italian souvenir to take home, this guide will help you out! Here are ten amazing Italy souvenirs suggestions to help you get started.


Italy is a country with many different types of food, including pizza and pasta. However, wine is also a popular choice for Italians, and some of the best wine in Italy comes from the Puglia region. If you're traveling from one part of Italy to another, it's a good idea to book one of these wine tours!

Top 10 best souvenirs from Italy

Italian Cookbook

If you're looking to recreate some of the delicious Italian cuisine, you'll find it in a cookbook. This is the perfect option. Not only will this help you enjoy some of the best food Italy has to offer, but it can also be a great way to show your friends and family what you've been cooking up in your head.

Top 10 best souvenirs from Italy

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

Italy has a great variety of vinegar flavors, and Modena, Italy is one of the most famous producers. This balsamic vinegar is made through a long process and takes around 12 to 25 years to make. It's a great idea to include it on this list!

Top 10 best souvenirs from Italy

Artisanal Chocolate

A range of different and delicious artisanal chocolate brands are available in Italy. These include Caffarel, Perugina, and Venchi. If you're looking for something special to take home with you, these are definitely the brands to choose!

Top 10 best souvenirs from Italy


The Italian people are known for their love of wine, but what about hard liquor? You might come across this distilled spirit pressed from grape seeds and skins. It certainly packs quite a punch! Consider bringing it home as your souvenir to remind you of all the wonderful memories made on this trip through Italy.

When exploring the delightful towns and vineyards of Italy, a tasting of the country's renowned spirit, Grappa, is a must for any connoisseur. To ensure a memorable and safe journey to these wineries, consider transportation options such as coach rental Rome or bus hire Italy.

The rich history and craftsmanship behind Grappa production can be best appreciated with the convenience of a spacious coach or bus, allowing you to indulge in the authentic flavors and traditions of this beloved Italian spirit.

With the right mode of transportation, you can savor Grappa to your heart's content, making your journey through Italy an enriching and flavorful experience.

Top 10 best souvenirs from Italy

Perugia Tablecloths

Wanting to bring home a piece of Europe with you? Then consider getting an elegant Italian tablecloth from Perugia. 

These white clothes are decorated with blue geometrical patterns and have been popular since the 13th century AD! 

In fact, they were so admired that these Tablecloths featured in paintings by renowned artists such as Siena's Pietro Lorenzetti, who painted them for Florence’s Soldragon Chapel back when it served as part church/part militia headquarters.

Top 10 best souvenirs from Italy

Burano Lace 

The lace is an actual work of art. It originally came from the Island of Burano, an hour boat ride southeast across the waterway can be found in Venice. 

A complicated technique is utilizing machines and most often handmade with care. Today you will find many items incorporating this delicately intricate piece, like scarves or tablecloths but beware. Some stores may try to pass off China/Taiwan-made material as 'buranello'. To ensure authenticity, always check your labels before buying.

Top 10 best souvenirs from Italy


Italy is a country that has everything you need to make your trip unforgettable. Postcards are one way it can be easy for visitors, with their beautiful pictures and memories from every destination they go to. 

Write down what makes this place so special to send them back home or save these postcards as Italy souvenirs before leaving. You’ll have both pieces of paper ready when life brings up its inevitable chaos later on because there's no way we're going anywhere without bringing some true healing flowers.

Top 10 best souvenirs from Italy

Olive Oil

If you're looking for a unique souvenir from Italy, consider purchasing some olive oil. You can take it home and use it to make your favourite dishes. If there's one thing that will remind people of this amazing country, it’s fresh produce straight off their farm sites. 

So, try them while visiting friends or family back home in Autumn when they have harvest festivals all over town (you might even meet an old college acquaintance).

Top 10 best souvenirs from Italy

Murano Glass

Tourists who enjoy Italy's rich history and culture should consider booking a Murano glass factory tour. The island of Murano is home to some beautiful pieces that were made from silica, limestone soda ash (sodium carbonate) or potash* Italian for “fire.”

These vibrant-colored objects come in all shapes and sizes. They're named after where they first started production: Milanese dialect means "from Milan." A fascinating peek into what goes on behind-the-scenes at one such facility could be yours if you book an exploration through this amazing industry.

Top 10 best souvenirs from Italy

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