12 Popular places To visit In Dublin

12 Popular places To visit In Dublin

Places to visit in Dublin: Discover the Emerald Isle's Capital Gems"

Dublin, the vibrant heart of Ireland, a city steeped in rich history and brimming with modern charm. From its historic landmarks and lively cultural scenes to its picturesque parks and lively pubs. The Irish capital offers a diverse range of experiences for travelers. In this blog, we'll take you on a virtual tour of 12 popular places to visit in Dublin. Each with its unique appeal and significance.

Top 1 places to visit in Dublin: Irish Museum of Modern Art – Exhibiting the best from different eras

Nothing depicts Ireland’s grandeur as beautifully as the Irish Museum of Modern Art! Also known as world’s leading institution for collection and exhibition of modern arts, the IMMA is a place worth your visit. The grand museum is a former royal hospital.

Top 1 places to visit in Dublin: Irish Museum of Modern Art – Exhibiting the best from different eras

Irish Museum of Modern Art

The most noticeable feature of the museum is the extended corridors running along a series of connected rooms. The museum hosts plenty of programs and exhibitions year round. It also encompasses artist’s studios as well.

    Top 2 places to visit in Dublin: St. Patrick’s Cathedral – The most sought-after attraction in Dublin

    One of the most scenic spots to visit also happens to be a highly rated monument in Dublin. The stained colorful glass is the first and the most notable thing at the cathedral that would have your attention. As you prepare to get inside the cathedral you will have to buy a ticket to see the place around.

    Top 2 places to visit in Dublin: St. Patrick’s Cathedral – The most sought-after attraction in Dublin

    St. Patrick’s Cathedral

    You can escape the queue by just taking a walk around the periphery and attending the mass that goes on throughout the week. The fact that St. Patrick’s is the tallest and the largest church in Ireland puts it atop the list of must-visit places in Ireland.

    Popular attractions of St. Patrick’s Cathedral: Burial site of Jonathan Swift – the literary great and one of the deans of the cathedral in the early 18th century

    Top 3 places to visit in Dublin: Trinity College – One of the world’s largest libraries

    Ireland’s most popular university is also the place from where renowned alumni like Oscar Wilde, Katie Mcgrath, and Jonathan Swift. Trinity College is more popular for its remarkable library, a place where bibliophiles find their ultimate retreat. And someplace where a book lover would want to find themselves at.

    Ireland’s largest library also occurs to be the home to Book of Kells – the 1000-year-old illuminated manuscript that has the four Gospels of the New Testament. The main library is restricted for tourists but Old Library is well within the quarters and open to the public.

    Popular attractions of Trinity College: The Long Room – resembles the Jedi Archives in Star Wars, Book of Kells

    Top 4 places to visit in Dublin: Dublin Castle – Once a seat of Irish administration

    Once the popular seat of United Kingdom’s administration in Ireland, the Dublin Castle stands as a prominent figure today. The majestic building is certainly the place you would love to visit on a day tour in the glorious city. Quite interestingly the castle had a Black Pool, from where Dublin derives its name as ‘Dubh Linn’. It is now on the site of the present Castle garden.

    Popular attractions at Dublin Castle: The State Apartments, Medieval Undercroft and Chapel Royal, and Dubhlinn Tearooms. Situated in the State Apartments are open for visitors all days

    Top 5 places to visit in Dublin: Ha’penny Bridge – Perfect enchantress in the heart of the city

    Top 5. Ha’penny Bridge – Perfect enchantress in the heart of the city

    Ha’penny Bridge

    The beautiful pedestrian bridge over River Liffey in Dublin happens to be a top tourist attraction and a famous place to visit. The bridge built in 1816, since then it has been grabbing eyeballs of tourists from around the world. Especially when it’s the night time and the bridge is lit in the myriad of colors! The bridge also connects Temple Bar with the North of The Liffey. Ha’penny Bridge is a true charmer for the kind of enchanting picture background that it creates.

    Popular things to do at Ha’penny Bridge: Carry the love locks and put it at the bridge dedicating it to your beloved, don’t forget to stop by popular Irish Pubs nearby, they play amazing Jazz songs

    Top 6 places to visit in Dublin: Kilmainham Gaol – Dark and glorious

    One of the most interesting places to visit in Dublin from the historical point of view, the Kilmainham Gaol prison is famed for its state significance when the political prisoners were held here as captives during the times of the uprising, revolution, and civil war.

    The multi-storied design of the prison is worth a mention. Dating back to the 1700s, the prison was a remarkable place during Ireland’s independence and has seen a lot of Ireland’s freedom fighters. A tour of the prison could be an incredible experience which will take you back to the eventful past.

    Top 7 places to visit in Dublin: National Botanic Gardens – A day amidst the tulips of Dublin

    The lush green National Botanic Garden located on the banks of Tolka Lake spans 19.5 hectares and is a must-visit attraction in the capital city of Ireland. on the banks of Tolka River. While taking a stroll in the garden area one can spot extensive herbaceous borders along with a multicolored display of flowers. The annual display of decorative plants which also includes the rare Victorian carpet bedding is a popular attraction here.

    Popular attractions of National Botanic Gardens: Arboretum, sensory garden, rock garden, and a large pond

    Top 8 places to visit in Dublin: Phoenix Park – More of wildlife and greenery enclosed in the city center

    Located at a walking distance from the city center(3 km), the Phoenix Park is Europe’s largest enclosed park and a wonderful nature retreat that must be visited when you are in Dublin. The urban park located to the north of river Liffey is another notable attraction and one of the popular places to visit in Dublin, as you plan to spend quality time with nature and wildlife. The park also has venturing space for wildlife and people can see them thriving in their natural habitat.

    Popular attractions of Phoenix Park: Dublin Zoo, Ashtown Castle, Wellington Monument, President’s House, and Farmleigh House

    Top 9. Killiney – Coastal delight in Dublin

    When considering a trip to the picturesque coastal village of Killiney in Ireland, it's worth exploring the option of minibus hire with driver Europe to make the most of your journey. Killiney, located just a short drive from Dublin, is renowned for its stunning views, sandy beaches, and tranquil atmosphere

    For the sake of scenic and tranquilizing nature and outdoors, Killiney is the place worth a visit. The seaside resort area is just perfect for a day trip and one can look forward to spending more time here. Easily reachable by a dart train from the city center, Killiney flourishes in the Dublin Bay, accounting for memorable times on your Dublin vacation. Killiney is a pretty looking coastal town with plenty of attractions and wonderful atmosphere.

    Popular attractions of Killiney: Memorable walk from Dalkey to Killiney, Coliemore Harbour, and Killiney Hill Park, Dalkey island – ferry to the island is available year round

    Top 10. The Temple Bar – The most happening place in Dublin

    Dublin’s most iconic place is located in the vicinity of Ha’Penny Bridge. The bridge is stationed in the midst of the happening riverside town making for a wonderful place to stroll around at night. The clobbered street, lights, and river flowing by makes for an ideal time to visit the Temple Bar.

    Also, there are plenty of bars and multicuisine restaurants serving authentic Irish foods. If you stick around here for a while, you will get to experience plenty of live music in the energetic neighborhood. This place is again a must-visit!

    Popular attractions at The Temple Bar: Live entertainment and pint of Guinness

    Top 11. The Science Gallery – Some learning experience in the backyard of Trinity College

    Located in the backyard of Trinity College, the Science Gallery could be a quick getaway for people interested in science and technology developments. The fact that entry to the science gallery is free makes it even more exciting. This place could also be a wonderful learning experience for kids.

    Top 11. The Science Gallery – Some learning experience in the backyard of Trinity College

    The Science Gallery

    Top 12. Grafton Street – For shopping & spending an eventful day in Dublin

    This is where Irish diaspora heads to when they have to go shopping. If you are still confused about what to do with your free day, then Grafton Street is the perfect filler between the lazy moments. From high-end stores to lots of pubs and brewery, this place has got the right vibes to keep you engrossed all day long. Should you wish to explore the remarkable market streets of Dublin’s one of the most happening localities, this is the place to be!

    Top 12. Grafton Street

    Grafton Street

    Popular attractions at Grafton Street: Street performers, Disney Store, and Brown Thomas store

    A lot said and described, Ireland is an explorer’s delight that swirls amidst those imposing structures from centuries ago. Dublin is a city awaiting you in its true glory. Pick one of places to visit in Dublin and have a go!

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