Bus rental for Pécs - Building a learning city

Bus rental for Pécs - Building a learning city

Pécs, which draws on long-standing cultural and educational traditions, collaborates with a 650-year-old university, and offers convenient amenities for visitors like a reliable bus rental service for Pécs. In addition to its rich cultural and educational heritage, Pécs also boasts an ancient Christian burial site that was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2000.

Bus rental for Pécs

Pécs - The well-known information about Pécs to travel

Pécs, the fifth largest city in Hungary is about 2000 years old, and the second most influential (after Budapest) when it comes to culture and art. Famous for Zsolnay ceramics and Turkish ruins, the city is a popular destination for tourists interested in history and culture.

Previously settled by the Romans and then the Turks, no other city in Hungary has the same wonderful Mediterranean feel as this one!

Let’s take a tour bus to Pécs to explore this beautiful city!

Attractive attentions in Pécs

Szechenyi Ter

Széchenyi Square is the main square in the historic center of Pécs, Hungary. In the Middle Ages, it was the town's trading post with its town hall and parish church.

Széchenyi Square has a number of other previously known special names such as Fórum, Városi piacz, and Főtér.

The square is one of the largest central squares of Pécs, full of monuments and impressive architectural buildings spreading gradually to the north.

Twelve paths leading into the square are shaped like spokes. The attractions that attract a large number of tourists every year here are:

  • Pasha Qasim Mosque
  • Town hall
  • Town hall
  • Nádor Hotel
  • Zsolnay Well
  • Fatebenefratelli Church
  • Statue of the Holy Trinity
  • Bronze statue of János Hunyadi on horseback.

During the annual Pécs Days festival, a wine and grape festival is held on the square. This is where fairs and festivals taste the classic wines of the famous wine regions of Pécs and Villány. The town's Christmas tree is located in Széchenyi Square.

Pecs Cathedral

Pecs is a beautiful city located in the south of Hungary, which was the Hungaryan City of Culture in 2010. One thing that you really must experience in this city is visiting the Pecs cathedral. This medieval catholic masterpiece was founded about 1000 years ago by Hungary's first king, Saint Stephen.

Stephen is one of Hungary's most famous citizens and the country's patron saint. His holy crown can be seen in the Hungarian Parliament Building. Additionally, visitors can even see his intact right hand in St Stephen's Basilica (Stephen's main shrine), both located in Budapest.

Pecs Cathedral. Bus rental service for Pécs

Pecs Zoo and Aquarium - Terrarium

The community project from 1959-1961 was the time when local people joined hands to build the Pécs Zoo with the desire to protect and care for wild animals as well as attract tourists.

The zoo was opened on August 19, 1960. In 1985, an additional aquarium-terrarium, unique in Hungary, was opened, located in a medieval cellar system. After a thorough renovation and bringing new animals, the zoo was re-opened in 2016.

The school's educational activities in the field of natural sciences are exemplary in Hungary. In addition to learning about the local natural environment, children can learn about the values that the zoo represents such as nature education, environmental protection, and sustainable development. 

Zoo activities teach people to respect and value the diversity of nature and animals, and they point to the need for a sophisticated approach that creates bridges between nature and animals. sustainable development. Pécs Zoo is the only zoo in Hungary that integrates a systematic approach in educational activities not only on the biology and presentation of species but also on other natural sciences.

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