5 days in Budapest - What should you do?

5 days in Budapest - What should you do?

Maybe you're wondering if 5 days in Budapest is enough time? Once more, we agree--it isn't. Although, to make your planning easier, we are offering some of our world-famous Hungarian hospitality. So that you can extend your trip by a few extra days. This way, you'll have plenty of opportunity to go deeper into exploration without feeling rushed.

Day 1 in total 5 days in Budapest

5 days in Budapest - Visit Heroes' Square

A walk down the historic Andrássy avenue can be enlivened by a stop at the Terror House (Terror Háza) museum, which commemorates those lost in some of Hungary's darkest chapters, under both Nazi and Communist regimes.

For a change of pace, you can visit the Museum of Fine Arts (Szépművészeti Múzeum), which reopened in October 2018 after completing a three-year renovation program. Alternatively, you could check out the Hall of Arts—more commonly known as Kunsthalle (Műcsarnok). The pair includes the Heroes' Square and feature temporary exhibits alongside permanent collection pieces.

Walk in the City Park

Take a walk in the City Park (Városliget) after your art tour, when it's filled with smells and bird songs, as well as happily barking dogs and scores of young couples and families. Városliget has become so integral to the cultural scene around Heroes' Square that it will soon be home to a museum district. And, you might even see some squirrels along the way!

And at the end of day 1 in total 5 days in Budapest, the zoo would be a great way to spend your day. It's an educational and fun experience for people of all ages.

5 days in Budapest - what should you do?

Day 2 in total 5 days in Budapest

Visit Palace of Wonders and Libegő

The Palace of Wonders, also called the Csopa Science Center, is a great place for kids to play games and have fun. The Buda Entertainment & Gastro Center in Óbuda is another option for entertainment. Finally, take your family on a scenic chairlift ride while enjoying views of the city from the Buda Hills on Libegő.

Explore Margaret Island

If you're looking for other places to unwind, visit Margaret Island (Margitsziget), which is another hangout spot in the city's heart, not to mention right on the Danube. 

The island is a popular destination for many locals throughout the year, with walks along the waterfront, sipping cold beverages, or eating cotton candy. The “sziget kör,'” which measures Around the Island in kilometers, is a prevalent unit of measurement among Margitsziget's runners.

The most devoted of them may be discovered in any season. The island, on the other hand, is also a popular destination in the summer when temperatures are high.

Don't forget Buda Hills

If you're still eager for more nature and think you can handle a little workout, head to the forest-covered hills where Budapest locals love to hike. If you're up for a bit of a challenge, keep hiking until you reach one of the lookout spots with an incredible view of the city beneath your feet.

Day 3 in total 5 days in Budapest

Enjoy vibrant nightlife

If you want to relax, take a night out in the city center. You'll find not only great bars and clubs but also Budapest's famed ruin bars--pubs housed in abandoned buildings that have been only minimally renovated. These spots are full of charm, thanks in part to the wide selection of artisanal beers on tap.

5 days in Budapest - what should you do?

Experience ruin bars - 5 days in Budapest

The ruin bar business seems to have no end in sight. Many locations are now not only a place to get a drink and socialize with friends, but they've also become elements of the city's fine dining scene, which is extremely important to Budapest's cuisine.

Many bars remain open until late into the night and are frequently inaccessible by car. Some businesses in the daytime party area include farmers' markets, which offer locally produced food as well as organically grown herbs and spices that may be used to add flavor to any cuisine.

Concerts and thrilling escape rooms

Are you searching for something new? Are you bored with your everyday routine? Then put your intellect to the test in one of Budapest's numerous escape rooms in 5 days in Budapest, which have a variety of interesting themes. Wishing to go out on the town one night for some more sophisticated fun or relaxation?

Budapest always has something going on - whether it's a concert, play, or other performance. The city is now a regular stop for many of the world's most popular acts. This also applies to classical musicians, who thrilled to play at iconic venues like the Palace of Arts or Müpa.

Day 4 in total 5 days in Budapest

Visit Szentendre

This will allow you to explore other towns in the vicinity of the capital, extend your stay, and even visit various settlements. Szentendre may reached by rail or boat from Budapest.

This town is the perfect place to experience history, culture and charm. The narrow cobblestone streets, cafes and street musicians all add to the atmosphere. This is also one of the best locations for souvenir shopping. Don't forget to try some locally made marzipan - it's delicious!

Day 5 in total 5 days in Budapest

Explore Danube Bend

The variety of things to do in 5 days in Budapest is remarkable. Experience the Danube Bend from the magnificent palace in Visegrád, or go on a wildlife trek in Budakeszi if you have time. Also, Budapest and its surroundings will delight your inner wanderer. Are you ready to explore Budapest? Book a tour bus rental budapest or coach hire Hungary services now!

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