How to have a Tour Charter to Luxembourg Gardens, Paris?

How to have a Tour Charter to Luxembourg Gardens, Paris?

Experience the epitome of Parisian charm and culture with a Luxembourg Gardens Paris tour . The quintessential choice for a truly enchanting start to your private tour in the City of Light

Origins Luxembourg Gardens

Origins Luxembourg Gardens

The palace and gardens were created between 1612 and 1617 commissioned by Marie de’ Medici, who tired of life in the Louvre, wanted an Italian-style palace built in memory of her childhood in Florence, that can be enjoyed by private tour Luxembourg Gardens near Paris.

During the following years, the land adjacent to the palace was purchased and the garden was enlarged, reaching its greatest dimension in 1792. The following proprietors made few changes to the garden, neglecting it on several occasions.

During the French Revolution, the palace became a prison. And in World War II the Germans used the building as barracks, digging a bunker in the garden.

Luxembourg Gardens, in addition to the beautiful scenery, we can also admire and listen to the historical relics here. The historical lines bearing the identity of European people and the beauty. That people change and form over the years have attracted many tourists to visit.

Got it. Was it easy to get around?

There are any number of ways to explore the nearly 60 acres of gardens, depending on which of the entrances you come in through, Bus rental in Luxembourg Gardens can transfer to the place punctually and conveniently. There are chairs and benches throughout the Jardin du Luxembourg. And you'll see plenty of picnic blankets covering the grassy slopes when the sun is out.

The evolving Luxembourg Gardens

The evolving Luxembourg Gardens

In spite of her power and determination, Queen Marie de Medici failed at designing the gardens she had once envisioned. She tried expanding the property outside her new home, but a convent run by a community of Chartreux (Carthusian monks) stood in her way, south of the palace. Monks at la Chartreuse de Paris were known for their gardening skills and lived in small homes with private gardens organized around a central cloister. They also tended to a renowned orchard.

The monastery thrived through the 17th century but did not survive the French Revolution. The memory of the former Chartreuse and the monks who worked there endures in the Luxembourg Gardens today. Tour charter to Luxembourg Gardens of MBS87 in bus rental Paris is the best choice to see many sights in Luxembourg Gardens.

Hire Couch in MBS 87 to have a Tour Charter to Luxembourg Gardens

Hire Couch in MBS 87 to have a Tour Charter to Luxembourg Gardens

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