Loire Valley: Famous destination for wine connoisseurs

Loire Valley: Famous destination for wine connoisseurs

Referring to France, we will remember the poetry of the scenery. And the crystallization of architectural styles through many historical periods. A place with unique architecture, located right in the heart of France, is the Loire valley. Let's join MBS87 on a bus tour rental to the Loire Valley.

Loire Valley - cradle and garden of the people of France

Loire Valley - cradle and garden of the people of France

The Loire Valley is part of the basin of the Loire River in the Center and Pays de la Loire regions. Including the four provinces of Loiret, Loir-et-Cher, Indre-et-Loire and Maine-et-Loire of France. This is a large area with an area of 800 square kilometers, stretching 280 kilometers, located in central France. 

Around the banks of the Loire, there are many historic cities and towns with many valuable architectural works. In addition, this valley is also famous for its vast vineyards, wineries, and most especially the system of magnificent castles. In 2000, UNESCO recognized the central part of the Loire valley as a World Heritage Site.

Geography, climate and culture

The Valley is a climate favorable region in France, the Loire River acts as a landmark between the two climatic zones of the South and the North. And also influences the climate of the wine-growing region. Spring is cool with drops of rain and hoarfrost. Summer has winds from the Atlantic Ocean to help cool down the heat and make the air more pleasant.

According to the World Heritage Committee, the Loire valley is a special cultural landscape. With the great beauty of historic towns, monuments of great architecture and tranquil countryside. 

The most impressive in Loire Valley are 66 magnificent white stone, granite and marble castles of kings and princesses of France in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The Loire Valley Chanson songs that appeared at that time were the earliest sounds of a new genre that combined words, music and creativity of the local people here.

Architecture and history - the beginning and permanence of French culture

Architecture and history - the beginning and permanence of French culture Loire Valley

From the Stone Age, people began to settle in the Loire valley. And from the 4th century BC, the Pays des Carnute became the center of living. Then, the army of Julius Caesar conquered and brought Roman civilization to this land. In 1461, King Louis XI established the capital at Tours. And in 1594, although King Henri IV moved the capital to Paris, the center of power of France was still located in the Loire valley.

Vineyards and winemaking have existed in the Loire valley since ancient Roman times. With the characteristic soil, favorable climate and terrain. This place has produced many types of wine with many different unique flavors that made the nobility very popular at that time. And today, wine from Loire is still the most luxurious and excellent wine in France.

Out of a total of 66 magnificent castles, you will surely be confused when standing in the middle of 66 castles and not knowing where to start. MBS87 will introduce you to 5 impressive castles that are most unique. And suitable for a bus tour hire in France when coming to the Loire valley.

Chambord Castle

Chambord is the largest castle in this Loire valley, built under the greatest king in the history of France, Francois I. The towering crests of the blue-gray towers are made of stone, perfectly combined with the decorative patterns on the chimneys of the furnace, on the windows, on the bell tower,... all create a heroic scene. grand and overlapping like a city floating in the middle of nowhere.

Blois Castle

Located in the ancient capital of France, Blois castle possesses the most diverse and rare architectural features from time immemorial. Each door of the castle wears a different artistic movement and all are preserved almost intact. And through each period, each owner adds his own personal stamp to this great work, but still does not destroy the previous ones. And so this place becomes a "mixed color harmony" picture of thousand years of history.

Amboise castle

In nearly 200 years of history, the Valois kings all chose Amnoise as one of the main places, and this is also the starting place for the real Renaissance art in France. That is why this is the place where the Italian artist, Leonard de Vinci chose to live the last years of his life. Clos Luce's mansion here is preserved almost intact, and right in the garden of the mansion, people have built his inventions based on drawings that are still handed down.

Château de Langeais Castle

Château de Langeais Castle Loire Valley

Located in the heart of the beautiful town of Langeais, Langeais Castle is both a fortress and a residence for princes. So it houses many valuable assets such as carved furniture and works of art recalling the lives of leaders.

Château d'Usse Castle

If you have ever heard of the fairy tale "sleeping princess" then this is the embodiment of the castle mentioned in this story. Currently, the Blacas family, the owner of the castle still resides here. Each year, they will display a collection of ancient costumes to serve the curiosity of visitors from all over the world.

How to get to the Loire valley?

How to get to the Loire valley? Loire Valley

With majestic nature and ancient architecture, the Loire valley is the place that attracts the most tourists in France. And it's even more convenient when Tours is only about 240 km from Paris, very suitable for a family trip on a minibus rental in Paris or a hands-on history trip for students or simply to visit a museum and see the results of history in the Loire valley.

With more than 10 years of experience in the European tourism industry. We have a full range of services, professional staff and know each destination. In the Loire Valley or Paris in particular and throughout Europe in general. So we can easily arrange a pleasant travel. And if you are on a bus rental service in France, we have the perfect private tour Loire Valley from Paris for you to see the great castles completely.

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