Center Georges-Pompidou: A place to store memorabilia of contemporary times

Center Georges-Pompidou: A place to store memorabilia of contemporary times

Center Georges-Pompidour for Art and Culture, also known for short as Center Georges-Pompidou or Beaubourg Center. This is a cultural center and large museum located in the Beaubourg area of district 4, Paris, France. 

This center had the Bibliothèque publique d'information - a large public library; Musée National d'Art Moderne - the largest modern art museum in Europe; and IRCAM - music and acoustics research center. 

The reason for the birth of Center George-Pompidou 

The reason for the birth of Center George-Pompidou

In 1969, after taking office, President Center Georges Pompidou began to intend to build a modern culture and art center, located right in the center of Paris, where there are currently many architectural works. According to the initial design, the Beaubourg neighborhood will have an architectural complex including a modern art museum, a public library and an industrial design center. 

After holding an international competition to find the most perfect design for the project, the competition's jury selected and published the design of two famous architects, Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. On March 20, 1973, the project officially started. 

After President Pompidou's term ended, his successor, President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, intended to stop construction. However, because of the advocacy of the French prime minister at that time - Jacques Chirac, the work continued. 

On January 31, 1977, the George - Pompidou National Center for Arts and Culture was officially inaugurated. The ceremony was attended by famous politicians of that time: President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, Prime Minister Raymond Barre and Mrs. Claude Pompidou - wife of President Pompidou.

Architecture of Center Georges-Pompidou

Architecture Center Georges-Pompidou

The design of two architects, Piano and Rogers (both of whom received the Pritzker Architecture Prize) is the only drawing that places the building on the North - South axis, ensuring the general planning of the area. Besides, this design also allows for a large space for "Piazza" (square).

The main building of the Pompidou center has 8 floors and 2 basements. The outside of the building is arranged with many pipes and columns with a sky ladder system. The pipe systems are painted according to function: air conditioning pipes are blue, water pipes are green, electrical pipes are yellow and the basement ventilation pipe system is white. Particularly, the sky ladder system is placed in a red tube. 

Because of the special color of these outdoor pipes, George-Pompidou center often has many nicknames, such as "Notre Dame Cathedral" or "Pompidolium" (meaning Fire Palace, derived from pompier which means fireman). However, because of that outdoor pipe system, the inside space becomes more airy, and the museum becomes a perfect testament to the modern, "inside-out" architectural style.

On the campus of Georges - Pompidou center, there is a fountain, called Stravinski Fountain or Fontaine des automates, built in 1983, representing contemporary art with many statues following the modern cannon school. by Jean Tinguely (author of metal statues) and by Niki de Saint-Phalle (author of colored statues).

Inside the Georges - Pompidou center there is a national museum of modern French art, which houses nearly 60,000 works by about 5,000 artists. 

In addition, the center also has photography galleries, the French Public Information Library, the Kandinsky Library and 2 cinema rooms - one with 316 seats and one with 150 seats, one performance room with 396 seats, one a discussion room with 160 seats, a special public space for exhibition activities, and finally the Georges restaurant located on the top floor.

Display - Center Georges-Pompidou

Display Center Georges-Pompidou

The artifacts and artworks on display at the Center Georges-Pompidou are divided into two collections: the modern collection and the contemporary collection. The modern collection includes works from 1905 to 1965 by famous artists such as Picasso, Georges Braak,... The modern collection includes works from 1980 to the present, which are designs, architecture architecture, installation works,... beyond the scope of existing works of art.

Café Little boy (Author: Jean-Luc Vilmouth)

A work of art with pastel colored images with a writing board, a set of tables and chairs and rusty. Her idea came from an elementary school in Hiroshima, where the atomic bomb was destroyed, and she built a wall with messages from survivors on chalkboards.

Three Arrangements - (author: George Brecht) 

George Brecht created this work of art with 3 items: coat, chair and cabinet. As a pioneer of conceptual art, he explained art and ordinary life.

How to get to Georges - Pompidou center?

How to get to Center Georges - Pompidou?

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