Top 15+ best places to visit in France

Top 15+ best places to visit in France

France is a tourist destination with extremely strong appeal, attracting more than 80 million visitors each year. If you are planning to experience the unique culture and wonderful beauty of this old country but still have not found the best places to visit in France. MBS87 will provide you with detailed information about destinations worth experiencing when traveling in France

Suggested best places to visit in France - Worth experiencing

Top 1 - Best places to visit in France: Paris

Paris is known as one of the best places to visit in France with many destinations and famous architectural works. Here you will admire many beautiful scenes and unique features of each culture. Paris is not only a wonderful city with the world's leading developed economy, but also blessed by nature with many famous natural wonders. This place has a temperate maritime climate. In the summer it will be difficult to cool down, in the winter the temperature will fluctuate around 6 degrees Celsius. This is one of the most worth visiting tourist destinations when you arrive in France.

Top 2 - Best places to visit in France: Montpellier

Montpellier city with a rich history has many beautiful sightseeing destinations. It has a cool climate, with more pleasant sunny days than other cities in France. When coming to Montpellier, you should experience sitting on the bus and admiring the beautiful scenery of the Amazon forest and some wild animals. It is a city not far from the Mediterranean Sea, close by with beautiful, cool beaches that you can experience. In the evening, you will be immersed in the dynamism and bustle of the music hall in this city.

Top 2 - Best places to visit in France: Montpellier

Top 3 - Best places to visit in France: Eiffel tower

The Eiffel tower is a famous architectural work, a symbol of France, attracting a large number of visitors every year. If you are a conqueror, try climbing to the top of the tower and you will have an extremely interesting experience. At night, twinkling lights emanate from Eiffel tower, increasing the romance and charm, captivating people's hearts.

Top 3 - Best places to visit in France: Eiffel tower

Top 3. Eiffel tower

Top 4 - Best places to visit in France: Lyon

Lyon belongs to the top 15 places to visit in Paris that you should not miss. In 1998, Lyon's old town was also recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage, attracting a large number of visitors every year. Known as an old town, the atmosphere here is always hot and bustling. With many ancient architectural works, converging many unique cultural features, this place is also known as the world's culinary paradise with many restaurants and dishes with a variety of dishes and great flavors.

Top 4. Lyon
Top 4. Lyon

Top 5 - Best places to visit in France: Colmar

Colmar is one of the best places to visit in France for you. Located in the heart of the Alsace wine region, coming to Colmar you will see images of colorful houses and bright lights at night. All create a poetic beauty that attracts a large number of people. visitor.

When coming to Colmar, visitors will be immersed in activities and festivals held annually such as: Alsace wine fair, Colmar International Festival or Colmar Christmas market. It will definitely bring interesting experiences when traveling to France.

Top 6 - Best places to visit in France: Normandy

If you still haven't chosen the best places to visit in France, please refer to Normandy. With a favorable geographical location, Normandy owns ports, beaches and many large surrounding islands. Small hamlets are spread out in the middle of the fields, and there are also white cliffs that outline a beautiful natural scene. One point to note when coming toNormandy , don't forget to enjoy the cuisine here with many specialty dishes, and admire many of the world's top works of art.

Top 7 - Best places to visit in France: Nice

Nice - A coastal city famous for its nostalgic but no less gentle and charming features. This place is one of the best places to visit in France with its bold Italian architectural style. Coming to Nice, you will see the majestic and beautiful Var river or Baie des Anges bay.

Top 8 - Best places to visit in France: Camargue

Try once to Camargue to feel the wonderfulness of the people and nature here. Camargue is a French delta region, home to many wildlife species, especially the extremely diverse mangrove ecosystem. Camargue is located between the Mediterranean Sea and two branches of the Rhône River Delta, the wilderness of this place has become a prominent feature that attracts tourists every year.

Top 8 - Best places to visit in France: Camargue
Top 8. Camargue

Top 9 - Best places to visit in France: Toulouse

Toulouse is a city famous for its attractive beauty that attracts many tourists to France. This place is considered a tourist destination in the top 15 places to visit in Paris that you should experience. With an area that is not too large, you will not spend too much time moving around the city. Toulouse is considered one of the beautiful cities with ancient beauty, well worth choosing as your tourist destination.

Top 10 - Best places to visit in France: Mont Saint Michel

When mentioning France, you certainly cannot ignore Mont Saint Michel, one of the most popular tourist destinations after Eiffel and Versailles. Mont Saint Michel Monastery is famous for its unique architecture in the 15th and 16th centuries. The most beautiful area here is not only the grandeur of the castle, but when viewed from afar, you will see an oasis growing. floating, floating in the middle of the vast ocean.

Since its completion, Mont Saint Michel has been among the best places to visit in France in many countries, especially in Europe. Visitors can enjoy the picturesque beauty of the monastery and its distinctive features of medieval architecture. Walk around the streets, look at the small shops and don't forget to enjoy a cup of flavorful coffee here.

Top 11 - Best places to visit in France: Riviera

The wonderful scenery from the Riviera has become a source of inspiration for many artists when visiting this place. Riviera is made up of ancient villages and islands that create a charming, enchanting scene. This is considered a destination for people who enjoy their "trendy life". Luxurious villas, festival activities, casinos or expensive cars... all are gathered in this tourist land.

Top 12. Versailles

To talk about one of the best places to visit in France, of course we cannot ignore Versailles Palace. This place is a famous tourist destination with images of majestic buildings, palaces or top famous restaurants and bars. Versailles was built with a luxurious Baroque-style facade, in addition to areas decorated with fountains, bringing the most authentic experience to visitors.

Top 13. Arles

Many famous Roman architectural works still remain in the city of Arles. Among them are the Colosseum, main square, theater, church, circus... Not only that, in the summer in Arles, there is also a festival for the world's leading photographers, with many activities, an attractive program. Especially, when coming to Arles, don't forget to buy postcards as souvenirs of your trip.

Top 14. Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

If you are someone who likes to ski and conquer ice roads, try Mont-Blanc. This place is not only known as a beautiful town, when you come to itChamonix, you will join the snow road known as the longest in the world. Besides, Chamonix also has activities like boating, climbing, and canyoning with many interesting experiences waiting for you.

Top 15. Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is also one of the best places to visit in France  that is worth conquering. Located in the Loire River basin, the valley owns many famous architectural works such as: Blois, Amboise, Saumur... In addition, the Loire Valley is also known by many tourist areas as a wine production area, with the world's leading vineyards and castle systems.


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