Top 10+ Best Natural Wine Shops Paris - Must Explore

Top 10+ Best Natural Wine Shops Paris - Must Explore

Natural wine has become the drink of the day and there's no better place to enjoy a glass of wine than in Paris. With so many stores selling natural wine in the city, it can be difficult to find the perfect bottle and space to enjoy it. Below, take a look at the 10 best natural wine shops Paris should visit.

Explore 10+ of the best natural wine shops Paris

Below is a list of the best natural wine shops Paris. These stores have enthusiastic staff and a deep understanding of wine.

Best natural wine shops Paris - Top 1: Hang Septime

Famous Hang Septime wine shop in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. At Hang Septime you can comfortably enjoy delicious wines. However, this store is very small with only a few tables. So be prepared to have to stand for a while during busy times. The staff speaks fluent English and will help you find the right wine for your needs. They also serve cold dishes such as olives, ham, and cheese.

Best natural wine shops Paris - Top 1: Hang Septime

Top 1. Hang Septime

Best natural wine shops Paris - Top 2: Aux Deux Amis

Aux Deux Amis is one of the best natural wine shops Paris popular and loved by many people. This will be an interesting experience, especially on the weekend. If you want to go somewhere that reflects the modern Parisian food and wine scene and eat like the locals, this is the place to be. 

Best natural wine shops Paris - Top 2: Aux Deux Amis
Top 2. Aux Deux Amis

You will be able to enjoy fine wine and eat unique, not-too-expensive dishes. The wine list is not extensive but changes regularly and sometimes there are special wine nights reserved for winemakers.

Best natural wine shops Paris - Top 3: The Yard Cave

The Yard Cave is a separate place from the Yard Restaurant near Père Lachaise cemetery in District 11. The restaurant's cozy bar area is relatively small, with just a few tables and bar stools. There are many types of wine to suit each person's preferences and tastes. The staff are very competent in their knowledge of wine and speak fluent English.

Best natural wine shops Paris - Top 4: Le Vin Au Vert

This seemingly simple and unique facility is rated as the best natural wine shops Paris. Extremely friendly co-owners Etienne Lucan and Sébastien Aubert serve a short menu of easy-to-eat pub favorites like grilled chicken and sausages, along with a selection of Beaujolais, Jura and Loire wines.

Best natural wine shops Paris - Top 5: Déviant

Located in District 10, Déviant is a unique bar on the list of best natural wine shops Paris because it's outside. The facade is completely open even though the bar is located deep inside the building. 

Déviant is open every day and has powerful heaters installed in the store to keep customers warm. The central bar has a small kitchen where the chef prepares wonderful small plates. The wines here are all natural and the staff know the ins and outs of all the wines they sell.

Best natural wine shops Paris - Top 6: Folderol

This is the place to go in spring or summer, where you'll find a selection of natural wines as well as ice cream made by Taiwanese-American pastry chef Jessica Yang Masu. Folderol stands out thanks to its unique and interesting combination. 

Best natural wine shops Paris - Top 6: Folderol
Top 6. Folderol

Sommeliers choose wines based on conversations with customers, thereby creating the perfect combination. Regarding the reason for choosing this combination, the Folderol store owner said that alcohol and ice cream both bring great joy to people.

Best natural wine shops Paris - Top 7: Septime La Cave

This is a satellite bistro of a long-standing Michelin restaurant, located on a corner of Rue de Charonne. On one side of the polished wooden interior are several empty wine barrels used as tables and chairs. On the other side, guests vie for one of four seats at the bar, enjoying delicious glasses of natural wine with familiar dishes like ricotta, and toast,...

Best natural wine shops Paris - Top 8: Crus et Découvertes

The eternal destination for those searching best natural wine shops is Paris located at Rue Paul Berret. This is one of the gourmand streets with options like Bistro Port Bar Empire and La Patisserie Cyril Lignac nearby, Cru et Découvert is an essential stop on any Paris food tour.

Top 9. La Cave des Papilles

One best natural wine shops Paris is La Cave des Papilles. Not only does it offer one of the best wine selections in the city, but it also hosts regular events featuring Parisian winemakers in-store. As longtime supporters of the natural wine movement, the team at La Cave des Papilles has an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of French natural wine and the bottles to prove it.

Top 10. La Cave de Belleville

 La Cave de Belleville is located in the trendy Belleville neighborhood of the 19th arrondissement. It's a great place to stop and enjoy a drink like the locals. We offer a variety of natural wines here, ensuring you will choose a bottle of wine that you like to take home.

Top 11. Le Garde Robe

Finding one best natural wine shops Paris between tourist attractions in the center can be challenging. Le Garde Robe is just a short distance from the Louvre and Rue de Rivoli. Despite its prestigious address in this upscale part of Paris, locals and tourists alike flock to Le Garde Robe, lining up chairs at the bar or communal tables on the sidewalk.

Top 12. Le Verre Volé

Le Verre Volé's relaxed atmosphere and convenient canalside location make this natural wine perfect. Visit the original location on Lancley Street and enjoy a bottle of wine. There is also a wine shop on Oberkampfstrasse with French and international wines. At L'Episerie Vert Vollee, located just outside the cave, you can buy other picnic essentials and get ready to enjoy delicious food and exceptional wines.


Natural wine can be enjoyed all year round. We hope the above article will help you choose the best natural wine shops Paris to visit and enjoy.

Paris is one of the great tourist destinations with many beautiful scenes and especially delicious wine flavors. When choosing to visit Europe, you should not miss this beautiful land. 

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