Top 10 Questions About Charter Bus Rental — Answered! (part 1)

Top 10 Questions About Charter Bus Rental — Answered! (part 1)

A charter bus can be a super fun way to travel. Booking can seem daunting at first, but it does not have to be. The process can be enjoyable and educational. If you don’t know much about charter buses and have never rented one before, you probably have several questions.

1. What is a charter bus?

A charter bus is a reserved, private form of transportation for bringing a medium-to-large group of people on a trip. There are five major reasons people choose to travel on charter buses. They are convenience, safety, affordability, luxury, and reduction of negative impacts on the environment.

Convenience. You and the other passengers can be picked up from your chosen location and taken to any place you want. Once at your destination, the charter bus provides transportation so that you don’t have to rent a car or take a taxi. You can let the driver take control of the wheel while you relax and enjoy the trip. You, your family, and friends can sit back and watch movies, play cards, or take in the scenery.

- Safety. The US Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that traveling by bus is safer than traveling by car by 46 times and is 2 times safer than flying.

- Affordability. Per passenger, traveling by a charter bus is comparable to the price of taking a train and costs significantly less than flying. Traveling via motorcoach affords you a luxurious and reasonably priced experience. It is the most cost-effective way to travel, per passenger.

- Luxury. Charter bus rentals offer amenities that other ground travel does not. You’ll enjoy amenities such as individual lighting, climate controls, reclining seats, Wi-Fi, DVD players, power outlets, and plenty of legroom.

- Environmental impact. The Department of Energy reports that there are significantly fewer emissions of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide released by motor coaches than by passenger cars, trains, and airplanes. At just 186.2 passenger miles per gallon, traveling by bus is one of the most eco-friendly ways to go.

What is a charter bus?

2. How many people fit in a charter bus?

Full-size charter buses typically fit 35-60 passengers. Mini-buses can fit 12-35.

3. Is it safe?

You can feel good about MBS87 charter bus rentals. Charter companies have a reputation for cleanliness and safety. Amid the coronavirus, charter bus companies have stepped up their already stringent cleaning procedures even further to ensure passenger safety. Passengers can also help to reduce risks by following guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control. Passenger safety is the number one goal of charter bus service providers. Never bring dangerous chemicals, explosives, weapons, or any flammable materials on a charter bus trip. Your charter coach service provider is happy to outline policies regarding contraband so ask specific questions to determine if a particular item is allowed. Charter bus companies also have strict no-smoking policies and smoking is not permitted.

The SAFER Company Snapshot is available on the Federal Motor Coach Safety Administration website. This will show the company’s rating and safety record as satisfactory, unsatisfactory, or conditional. Be sure that the carrier you choose has, at least, a satisfactory rating. This snapshot also shows you:

- A record of out-of-service incidents or violations,

- An accident record

- Verification of company insurance. Liability coverage of $5 million should exist for buses carrying 16 passengers or more.

Is it safe?

4. Are chartered buses safe from the Coronavirus?

Chartered buses offer an environment similar to a group quarantine. Rather than many people getting on and off the bus, this represents the same group of people throughout the entire trip. To ensure a safe trip, you can have your group of people tested or screened for signs of illness before you go. All surfaces can be cleaned prior to boarding and at every stop. When you work with a charter company, you can follow both CDC guidelines and ask for any extra screening and cleaning that you wish.

Are chartered buses safe from the Coronavirus?

5. How far can a charter bus trip go and how long can the trip be?

Most European coach hire companies have a license to travel anywhere in the Euro. If you schedule far enough in advance, you can usually charter the bus for however long you need to. It is important to note that drivers have ‘hours of service” regulations to comply with. These regulations are set forth by the Department of Transportation.

The 10-hour rule dictates that an operator can drive no more than 10 hours following a minimum of 8 hours off duty.

The 15-hour rule dictates that a driver must have a minimum of 8 hours off duty before performing any driving or non-driving tasks.

The 70-hour rule dictates a 70-hour limit for time on duty over eight days.

In this first part of our guide to charter bus rentals, we've unraveled the top 10 questions that often arise when planning group travel. We hope these answers have shed light on the process of chartering a bus and have equipped you with the knowledge to make informed decisions for your upcoming adventures.

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