Minibus rental in Berlin - Van hire with driver

Minibus Rental in Berlin - Van hire with driver.

Minibus rental with driver in Berlin.

Is this your first visit to Berlin? Why don't we choose the familiar services (rent a car with a driver in Berlin) for the first trip to a certain place?

MBS 87 Business & Travel has drivers living and working right in Berlin (private driver berlin) to help you have a better experience when knowing the shortest time and distance to the center, the driver can choose the route Our most convenient and affordable route near you with a transport van rental near me.

How much does it cost to rent a van and driver in Berlin Germany?

This is the question that people prioritize before choosing the services of renting a van in Germany. Then our MBS 87 Business & Travel will answer your questions.

Rental cars from MBS 87 meet all customer requirements. MBS 87 will meet your travel, comfort, and time needs.

The costs we will apply to the payment include:

Minibus Rental in Berlin 

Modern minibus driver

Tolls for highways and roads



Because the driver is local, the price will be suitable for your trip and in addition will be more assured of the experience and qualifications of a driver. We will have a fun and convenient ride on the MBS 87 bus together.

We are always ready to provide the core values ​​of both material and spiritual to customers with unique services and professional staff in many languages. Not only that, the flexibility in situations to handle smoothly and reduce unnecessary troubles has been trained to produce experienced drivers.

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