Some Questions About Car 8 Seater Rental

Some Questions About Car 8 Seater Rental

In this blog, we set out to address some common questions and concerns that arise when considering an 8-seater car rental. Whether you're organizing a family vacation, a group outing, or a corporate event. This guide will provide insights into the what, why, and how of renting an 8-seater car.

Can I request an 8-seater rental with a roof rack?

Some of the car rental companies you can find on our website allow you to request an 8-seater with a roof rack. Whenever they’re available, you can find roof racks on the extras page when making your booking. Please check with our customer service team if you don’t see an option to request a roof rack with your rental.

How large is the boot space in your 8-seater car rental options?

The boot space available in an 8-seater varies dependent on the type of vehicle. Some 8-seater rental vehicles are large SUVs with small seats in the boot area, significantly reducing luggage space. If you’re travelling with luggage, we recommend renting an 8-seater with a middle row of seats. Which can be folded down for extra storage space if not used by passengers.

How large is the boot space in your 8-seater car rental options?

We are 3 adults and 3 small children with 3 large bags, will an 8-seater people carrier be ok for us?

An 8-seater rental will provide ample space for up to 8 adults with limited luggage or 6 adults with 3 or 4 large bags. If you aren’t sure about the capacity of your 8-seater rental please speak to one of our customer service agents.

Can I request an 8-seater rental with a tow bar?

In order to avoid excessive engine and transmission wear, most minibus hire European travel companies won’t allow you to request a vehicle with a tow bar.

Will my wheelchair fit into an 8-seater?

If your wheelchair can be folded up it will fit in the boot of most 8-seater vehicles. You can also request a wheelchair-accessible vehicle by sending a request to our customer service team.

Do you have options for unlimited mileage for 8-seater rentals?

To find a rental with unlimited mileage, you can view the fuel policy clearly displayed against each rental. Unlimited mileage will often be a more expensive option for your rental. However, it will still usually work out cheaper than paying excess mileage fees if you’re travelling a long distance.

Do you have options for unlimited mileage for 8-seater rentals?

How do I add child seats to my 8-seater booking?

You can request child seats for your rental on the extras page of our booking process. Although car rental companies generally do not guarantee the availability of child seats, in many countries it’s illegal for them to allow a customer to drive away with children without them.

Do the seats fold down so I can fit my bike in the back of the 8-seater?

The middle and rear rows of seats in an 8-seater will usually fold down. If you’re travelling with passengers the 8-seater will usually accommodate a bicycle in the boot if you remove the front wheel.

Are there 8-seater rentals available with automatic transmissions?

You can find 8-seaters with an automatic transmission by using the filters on our search results page. Vehicles with an automatic transmission are usually a more expensive option compared to manual in most countries.

What if the 8-seater I have booked is too small to fit in my baggage?

If a larger vehicle is available you will be offered the option to pay for an upgrade at the rental desk. Large vehicles often have limited availability and upgrading is expensive. So we always recommend being careful to reserve a vehicle of the correct size before you arrive.

Can I fit a surfboard to the roof of the 8-seater?

You can request a rental with a roof rack at the time of booking, however, we recommend bringing your own straps and attachment device as these will not usually be provided by the car rental company.

Why are there no options to accommodate more than 5 passengers, when I search for an 8-seater people carrier?

8-seater vehicles often have limited availability. We always recommend booking your rental early to guarantee that a large enough vehicle is available.

Can I pick up the 8-seater from one location and drop it off somewhere else?

It’s quite common for customers to pick up their vehicle at one location and then return it to a different location (also known as one-way rentals). Always be sure to enter both the collection and drop-off locations before performing your search. This will ensure that only rental companies that accept one-way rentals will be listed in the search results.

What does it mean when it states 5+2 on a rental quote?

5+2 means that the rental will have two small seats, usually fold-down seats in the boot area. The smaller seats are usually only suitable for small children, so we don’t recommend this option if you’re travelling with 8 adults. If you’re travelling with lots of bags, be sure to remember that if the 2x small seats are used by passengers, there will be very limited luggage space remaining in the boot.

Can I request an 8-seater with sliding doors?

It isn’t possible to request a rental with sliding doors unless the vehicle is listed as ‘exact model guaranteed’.

An 8-seater car rental is not just about transportation; it's about enhancing the overall travel experience. We hope that this guide has answered your questions and provided valuable insights into the world of 8-seater car rentals.

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