Things to Know About Car Rentals in Europe to Save Money

Things to Know About Car Rentals in Europe to Save Money

If you want to save money, there's something you need to know about car rental in Europe or minibus hire with driver Europe . We'll unveil it for you.

European car rental is different

When we went to Mexico, when I was looking for a manual transmission versus an automatic, the price was relatively the same. It didn’t matter the size of the car, nothing. However, in Europe, what I realized was that 90% of the cars that you are able to rent are all manual transmissions. So because we need the automatic to get around, it really limited our options. I’m talking like 90% of the car options were gone.

European car rental is different


No Automatic Cars

And we’re in Europe. We needed something small, and there isn’t anything with an automatic. We literally had to get this huge Jeep SUV, which was a cool car. It was fun, but totally unnecessary for two people. And it was literally double the price.

Prices of car rental in Europe

Something that costs $300 for a week. Now we’re paying almost $600 for the week simply because of the automatic necessity. So if you guys do not need to have an automatic car, and I know that a lot of people, especially in the US. And I am not being stereotypical, this is the norm, but a lot of US people are pretty much used to automatic cars.

Prices of car rental in Europe


Recommendations for car rental in Europe

If you do know how to use a manual transmission, I highly recommend just going for that one because it will save you, first, so much money in the actual car.

Secondly, the gas, because we have this huge, enormous Jeep, we now have to get double the petrol. Because it’s a huge car. So there are all these extra things that you should understand, and it’s pretty much mainly in Europe, because all other parts of the world, automatic and manual, they’re basically the same price, and you don’t really have to worry about that so much. Another thing to have in mind is what happens if your rental car is stolen. I have a full blog post about it, make sure you check it out.

Hope you find something new that helps you save money when renting a car in Europe

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