One day on the service bus rental for Krems with MBS87

One day on the service bus rental for Krems with MBS87

As the fifth largest city in Lower Austria and about 70 kilometers from Vienna when traveling on bus rental for Krems, Krems is one of the famous European tourist destinations. Let's take a tour of Krems with MBS87.

Krems - "wine town"

Krems - "wine town" Bus rental for Krems

Located in the Wachau valley and leaning against the banks of the Danube River, that's why the town of Krems "owns" a peaceful and gentle landscape. In addition, Krems is also the oldest town in Austria, because here a 27,000-year-old tomb of a child was discovered. This proves that the beauty of Krems has an ancient and majestic breath. And Krems was the first town to produce coins in Austria in 1130.

When mentioning Krems, people will always remember one specialty, which is wine. And thanks to this wine, Krems became one of the richest cities since the Middle Ages, since the time of the Celts. 

The most special wine here is Marillenschnaps (apricot wine). If you have the opportunity to go to Krems on a bus tour in Austria, stop by Krems and taste this wine. Marillenschnaps will definitely make you nostalgic and satisfy your taste buds. In Krems there are many bars and pubs that serve this wine, and many other types of wine.

Famous tourist destinations in Krems

Aggstein Castle

An iconic castle perched on a cliff overlooking the Danube River, nearly 900 years old. Because it is located at a high location, this work has never been affected by wars over the past decades. The castle often organizes a number of exhibitions for visitors to visit and learn about some of the architecture dating back to the Middle Ages.

Schonbuhel Castle

A famous castle located in Wachau and very close to Krems. Just sit on the minibus rental for Krems, you can get to this castle quickly. This location is on a rock 40 meters above the surface of the Danube River and the castle was formed in the 12th century. However, in this location, a Roman fortress had previously been built.

Caricature museum

This is the only caricature museum in Austria and this year the center of the town of Krems. The works here are always changed, so it will create a new feeling for visitors when coming here. Even though you have come here many times, the first and second times coming here will definitely leave you with many different emotions.

The display shows a variety of works, the atmosphere is gentle and fun,... so this museum is always on the list of "places you should visit when coming on bus rental service for Krems".

Visit a winery

Krems is a “wine town”, so you should visit the wineries here. Winzer Krems is a fine winery with a long history. This is not only a place to visit, learn about the environment and wine production methods, but also a prestigious place where you can own a bottle of "genuine" and most authentic wine.

Transportation to Krems

Transportation to Krems Bus rental for Krems

Traveling to Krems is very easy when you travel with us MBS87. You wonder why it's so easy for us, right? So let MBS87 explain that. Because at MBS87, we have:

Long experience in the tourism industry

That's right! With more than 10 years of experience in the field of tourism, we have enough experience and experience in many different lands in Europe. Therefore, we can easily design a private tour in Europe, and especially in Austria. 

And if you want to travel to Austria, then go to the dreamy town of Krems and captivate many tourists not only because of its magnificent natural beauty but also because of its wine specialties.

The staff is attentive and friendly

To organize a tour, you must have a lot of issues to worry about. Then let MBS87 take care of that part for you. With a team of professionally trained staff, we will design for you a bus rental service tour in Krems, which includes all services such as bus fees, hotel rooms, meals, and park tickets. places to visit (if any),... You just need to contact us, then prepare your luggage and travel to the wine land with MBS87.

Good price

The issue of funding for a trip is also a big concern for tourists. But if you come to MBS87, don't worry, because we can completely make your travel dream come true at the most affordable price. We always update the actual price situation, offer many options with many different destinations,... so that tourists can choose which option suits them best.

How to get to Krems?

How to get to Krems? Bus rental for Krems

Wherever you are, in any territory, we at MBS87 can come to you. If you are in any country in Europe, just tell us, we will immediately board the rental service in Europe bus to pick you up and take you around Europe. 

If you are a passenger from one of the non-European countries, then you only need a plane ticket to Austria or another European country, MBS87 will pick you up right at the airport, then, you and MBS87 will go on a coach hire for Krems trip or choose our bus rental service Vienna to explore this wine town and many other famous cities. 

We look forward to receiving your contact.

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