Eisenstadt - the seat of the Hungarian noble family Eszterházy

Eisenstadt - the seat of the Hungarian noble family Eszterházy

How can we book a bus rental for Eisenstadt - the capital of Burgenland province, located in the easternmost region of Austria. Moreover, it is located at the southern end of the Leitha Mountains, just 50 minutes south of Vienna.

Eisenstadt - the seat of the Hungarian noble family Eszterházy

Eisenstadt - the seat of the Hungarian noble family Eszterházy Bus rental for Eisenstadt

Eisenstadt (Hungarian: Kismarton, Croatian: Željezni grad, Željezno, Slovenian: Železno) is a city in Austria, capital of the state of Burgenland. The city has a population of about 12,190 people (2006). 

During the Habsburg monarchy, Kismarton (Eisenstadt) was the seat of the Hungarian noble family Eszterházy. Composer Joseph Haydn lived there as Hofkapellmeister under the Esterházy patronage. Eisenstadt lies on a plain of the Wulka River, at the southern foot of the Leitha Mountains, about 12 km from the Hungarian border.

First mentioned as "minor Mortin" in 1264, Eisenstadt has had several names and different residents over the centuries. The earliest known settlements date back to the Hallstatt Period about 800 BC. Like many other European cities, they later inhabited by the Romans and Celts, then the Huns and Germanic tribes. 

The city had many rulers over the years, and was destroyed by fire twice. From 1648, it was a free city of Hungary until it was ceded to Austria in 1921. Four years later, Eisenstadt became the seat of the Burgenland government and thus the provincial capital.

Must-Sees in Eisenstadt

Must-Sees in Eisenstadt Bus rental for Eisenstadt

One of the city's major landmarks is Esterházy Palace, one of the most beautiful Baroque palaces in the country. Other sights include the Calvary Mountain, Martinsdom (St. Martin’s Cathedral) dating back to the 13th century, and the Gloriette. 

The historic old town features many listed buildings as well as a pedestrian zone with shops, cafés, and restaurants. The districts of St. Georgen and Kleinhöflein are famous for their quaint Heurigen wine taverns and don't miss out on Eisenstadt's surroundings, a lush wine-growing region offering amazing culinary delights.

Esterházy Palace

The Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt is one of the finest baroque palaces in Austria and offers an impressive insight into the former glamorous life at the court of the Esterházy princes.

With its authentic atmosphere and the wonderful acoustics of Haydn Hall, the Esterházy Palace remains today the center of cultural events: concerts held here, festivals held and festivals are organized. Brilliant exhibitions are shown.

The former stables facing the castle form an interesting counterpoint. Together they form Schlossquartier Eisenstadt, where music and art, cuisine and wine combine the contemporary and the historical in a unique form.

Calvary Mountain

The famous Calvary at the Haydn church built by the Franciscan lay brother Felix Niering in the years from 1701 – 1707. The Calvary in Eisenstadt follows the pattern of the Calvary in Maria Lanzendorf in Lower Austria.

Steps and dark hallways lead through an artificial mountain made of rocks and pass by small niches, grottos and tiny chapels portraying scenes of the Passion of Christ.

At the east side of the Calvary, there is the Chapel of Mercy. It contains a miraculous image that visited by many pilgrims every year. The Chapel of Mercy already forms part of the Calvary. Originally it had built as Mount of Olives Chapel. After the Statue of Mercy had been transferred from the church in Grosshöflein the chapel was re-consecrated as Chapel of Mercy.


The city's parish church consecrated to Saint Martin.

It is rather safe to say that the cathedral took the place of a chapel that was first mentioned in documents dating back to 1264, in which there is talk of a "capella Sancti Martini". The founder and builder-owner of the church we see today was Hans Siebenhirter, who was lord of lien in the town of Eisenstadt since 1463.

In 1495 the long nave's vault completed. The four storey tower to the north, including its hip roof and corner towers was built in 1520. The southern tower never built. A fire in 1589 caused the nave to cave in. It had not been restored until 1628/29.

The choir vault renewed in 1904 within the framework of a "re-gothication". The round windows replaced by windows with pointed arches and adorned with stained glass windows.

The Gloriette

The Gloriette stands on higher ground in Schönbrunn Palace park and offers a fantastic view of Vienna. Nowadays, the magnificent structure is home to Café Gloriette. Awaiting you here are delicious pastries and a wonderful view of Vienna. And on Sunday mornings, there's brunch with live music ranging from classical to jazz.

Walkers making their way through Schönbrunn Palace Park are usually heading for the Gloriette. The Gloriette towers over the surrounding area of Schönbrunn, drawing attention to itself from all sides. The monumental, baroque garden structure built in 1775 on the foothills of the Vienna Woods. As you might expect, the Gloriette boasts spectacular views over Vienna. 

They say if you were not up there, you haven't been to Schönbrunn. Emperor Franz Joseph I and Sisi were also truly fond of the place. They set up a breakfast hall in the Gloriette. Nowadays, visitors can follow in their footsteps. The Gloriette is still home to a café. After all, you will want to replenish those calories that you burnt on the way up here.

How to get to Eisenstadt

How to get to Eisenstadt Bus rental for Eisenstadt

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