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Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter Basilica Half-day Tour

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One of the best tours to do when people visit Rome! In one of the smallest countries of the world, because, once in the Vatican, you are not in Rome but in an independent country full of beautiful masterpieces!!!
Avoiding the longest queues, you will be able to see many artworks coming from the Roman time, the middle age, the Reinassance and the contemporary age, while crossing galleries, rooms and sections decorated by amazing frescoes and marble floors!
You will know about the ancient Romans, Michelangelo and Raphael, the Popes and the story of the Church.

Of course, depending on the number of people in the group or the type of the tour (private or group tour) we'll be able to customize it according to your pleasure. . . It's up to you! Take a tour!!


Possible tours in the morning and in the afternoon, but I suggest always to do a morning visit, to not get too tired and to avoid the big queue.
We start at the entrance of the museum, with security control.
The tour can be as follows:
Archaeological sections (roman and greek masterpieces )
Gallery of candelabra: roman artworks including candelabra
Gallery of tapestries from the reinassance
Gallery of maps, a series of wall paintings depicting italian territories, regions and cities under the control of the Pope from 16th century.
Ancient Papal apartments (today a section of the museum), including the Raphael's Rooms
Borgia section
Contemporary art section (a series of rooms and pathways we need to cross to go to the Sistine Chapel)
The Sistine Chapel
If possible, the group takes inner staircase to go to finish in St. Peter's Basilica; if it's not possible, the tour finishes outside the Sistine Chapel where the guide takes the radios back.

Contact me for customization.


Meeting Point Options: Suggested by Guide: Meeting point: Cafe Vaticano Coffee Shop across the street from the Museums Entrance.

Duration: 3 hours

On summer or during peak days we can take a little bit longer, depending on the people in line ready to pass the metal detector or take the tickets or the number of visitors already inside the museum.


Walking tour.
Ottaviano Metro Station is the nearest metro station, or there are buses and cabs. It's possible to arrange a pick up service at your hotel upon request. Please contact me for a customized tour if you require a pick-up.


  • Guiding Services


50 euro - Personal expenses like souvenirs, drinks and/or snacks immediately before or after the tour. Inside the museum or in the square outside St. Peter's Basilica there are souvenir shops.


  • Personal Expenses
  • Souvenirs
  • Food, Drinks, Snacks

Other: Ticket entrance fees: 25 euros per person which will be reimbursed to the guide the day of the tour.
Pick up service, if required.

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