Rodin Museum & Sculptures Garden ticket
Rodin Museum & Sculptures Garden ticket
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Rodin Museum & Sculptures Garden ticket

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Step into the world of great artists and discover masterpieces at this museum. Skip long queues with self-guided tours to marvel over Rodin’s works, but don't only see him! Also, enjoy other French masters like Van Gogh or Renoir--you will be able to after your visit here in Paris.

Immerse yourself on an educational journey that allows you to view some pieces from many different centuries within one building.

The Garden of Sculptures is a beautiful place to wander through and enjoy the various art pieces displayed. You can take your time getting lost in this 7.4-acre long garden, with works like "The Gates Of Hell", or maybe something more peaceful like an emotionless marble statue Reflecting On Life (by Auguste Renoir).

Head to the museum's cafe for a little-known, stunning artwork by French artists!


The operating hours are from 10 AM to 6:30 PM (except Monday), with last entry at 5:45 PM.

The museum is not open on 24 & 31 Dec at 4 PM, and on New Year’s Day (1 Jan), 1 May & Christmas Day (25 Dec).



To book a tour, feel free to contact us: or +33771800874.

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