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Private Mont St Michel Walking Tour

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Mont St Michel is a small rocky island located in the region of Normandy. If you are visiting us for a day stop or spending the night, give us this chance to take you on this private Mt St Michel Walking Tour. You will be accompanied by a private official tour guide during the whole tour.

Mt St Michel is a UNESCO World Heritage site and truly a unique location. You can enjoy the beautiful island and take amazing and unforgettable pictures. Let our private official tour guide show you all the secret gems that Mt St Michel has to offer.

Enjoy this tiny island in this private 3 hour walking tour. Our guide will take you to all locations that you cannot miss. This private Mt St Michel Walking Tour is a real unique experience!.Points of Interest & Landmarks
This private walking tour will start off at a centrally meeting point before entering into Mt St Michel. We can arrange a different pick up if it can be done by foot. We will then start your private 3 hour walking tour with your private official tour guide.

Mont Saint Michel is a complete unique location and its famous not only for its amazing views and because it’s an island but thanks to its abbey. This is why many people come to visit Mt St Michel. The abbey is an amazing site that we need to spend time in. From the history, views and everything it has to offer. The opening times are quite extensive, so we should have no problem. You can also enjoy beautiful tidal views before 5 PM with your guide.

Let our private guide indulge you in the several generations of different builders and the extensive years of history and construction.

Here are other sites that you can also enjoy during your visit of Mt St Michel, amongst others:

Église Paroissiale Saint Pierre
La Porte du Roy
Barrage sur le Couesnon
La Chapelle Saint Aubert
La Grande Rue
Port du Boulevard
Porte de l’Avancee
This is a private walking tour. We can arrange a 3 hour tour which is our best seller but we can also arrange a longer tour and arrange a 6 hour option if you prefer. All tours can be modified and arranged to fit your exact needs! All you need to do is contact us at Whatsapp: +33771800874


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