Meet Rubens on A Private Tour
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Meet Rubens on A Private Tour

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Walk half a day in the footsteps of the grandmaster of baroque

While we walk through the historic centre of Antwerp I'll show you where the painter lived and a few of the churches where works by Rubens are still on display, such as the Cathedral, Saint-Paul, the Jesuits' church, and if you want to Saint-James' where Rubens is buried.

The tour even includes a guided tour of the artist's dwellings and workshop.
On our way there'll be plenty of time to tell about the history of town, customs of people living in Antwerp and anything else you might want to hear.
A few of the local specialties such as candies, chocolate, beverages, . . . will be served during the walk.

As the Rubens House is closed on Mondays, the tour cannot be organised on that day. On Sundays, the tour can only be organised starting at 12:00 as the churches on the tour still serve as such. Bear in mind that both the churches and the museum close at 17:00.


○ Rubens' House
○ Cathedral
○ Carolus Borromeüs (jesuits' church)
○ Historic city centre
○ Tasting local specialties
○ Optional: visit to a local pub


Meeting Point Options: Rail or Bus Station, Cruise Ship Port, Hotel

Duration: 4 hours

The whole tour is about 4 miles long. As most monuments are situated in pedestrian areas, everything must be done on foot. If necessary a tuktuk can be rented at surcharge.


On foot, this is a walking tour. Many of the monuments are situated in pedestrian areas. If a tuktuk or something like that is needed, contact me for details and a quote.


  • Guiding Services
  • Admission Tickets

Other: A choice of local specialties (candies, chocolate, drinks, ...) is offered on the way.


5 Euro - A cup of coffee or a glass of beer will cost about 3.5 €


  • Personal Expenses
  • Public Transportation Tickets
  • Food, Drinks, Snacks

Other: Pick up service at cruise terminal, Central Station or hotel in the Anwerp area.


I cannot guide you in museums that have their own pool of guides such as the MAS museum.

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