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Geneva Panorama Tour

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UN area and Old Town

Renowned in the whole world as the capital of multilateral diplomacy Geneva has many other facets less known to tourists. Despite its small size, which allows the city to preserve its human side, many important activities like watchmaking, banking, science and gardening found here a favourable ground to develop.

Our visit will be divided into two parts : during the first one you will have a look at the international area where most international organizations are, including the Palace of the Nations.

You will go back to the lakeside and climb the hill to the Old Town. There you will see the main monuments, landmarks of a rich historical past. This will give you the opportunity to become acquainted with the city history and namely with the deep imprint left by Calvin on the mentality and the lifestyle of the inhabitants.

At the end you will visit the shopping area nearby and, if you like, have lunch or dinner in a restaurant of your choice or a cruise on the lake.


10:00 Place des Alpes
10:15 International Area
11:00 Right and left shore of the lake
11:15 Old Town
12:15 Cathedral
12:45 Bastion Parc
13:00 End of the visit near the shopping area


Meeting Point Options: Rail or Bus Station, Cruise Ship Port, Airport, Hotel, Address or Intersection, Monument/Building

Duration: 3 hours


This is a walking tour


Other: My services as your private tour guide
Inside visit of the cathedral (closed on Sunday morning)
Possibly a quick visit of a main attraction in a public museum (free entrance)


8 Swiss Francs or euros - The entrance to the tower CHF 5 and a one hour publuc transport ride CHF 3


Other: Private museums or transportation.
Admission fee to the towers (If you choose)


I am not allowed to give tours inside most museums which have their own guides
I do not have a car, but Ican accompany you in public transport or arrange for a taxi or a car with a driver

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