Emperors, Roman Empire and Coliseum Tour
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Emperors, Roman Empire and Coliseum Tour

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Join me, a native Roman and experienced guide, to fulfill your curiosity and discover the treasures of Rome

The wonderful archaeological area located in the centre of Rome houses three important sites rich in history and charm: The Coliseum, the Roman Forum, and the Palatine Hill. A trip into the past, full of events and anecdotes, this tour begins with a visit to the most famous monument in the world: the Coliseum, once the setting for gladiator combat, lion-feeding frenzies, and public entertainment, whose cruelty was characteristic of the Empire. Then we move to the Roman Forum, the nerve centre of Ancient Rome, where ancient citizens, wearing togas and sandals, walked along the Via Sacra, prayed in front of Julius Caesar's Temple, admired the sacred fire cherished by the Vestals Virgins and listened to the speeches of Senators. As we stroll through the ruins, we will reach the Palatine Hill to discover the emotional highs and lows of Emperors' lives in their residence.


We advise you to:
•Wear comfortable shoes, as it is a walking tour and there are steps to climb
•Bring both a hat and a bottle of water which are necessary during the Roman summer
•Prepare your camera for tons of fantastic photos

•At the entrance of the Coliseum and the archaeological area, you will pass through security controls. Backpack, big umbrellas, and glass bottles are not permitted. NO storage room is provided.

•Walk with your guide into the Coliseum, learning all about the history of this special place.
•Follow your guide on an easy walk through the Roman Forum, where the political, social, and religious life took place.
•Walk with your guide up to the Palatine Hill, where the Emperors lived and ruled the great Roman Empire.
•Ending location: inside the archaeological area so that you can continue to explore this vast area on your own.

Contact me for customization


Meeting Point Options: Monument/Building, Suggested by Guide: I will meet you in front of Coliseum "individual" entrance, I will have a sign with your name.

Duration: 3 hours

The tour price if for a up to 6 people, if you are more than 6, please ask for a quote.
Super Green Pass (fully vaccinated) is required to access the site from January 10, 2022;
It is mandatory to wear a mask into the archeolagical site.


Walking tour.


  • Guiding Services
  • Admission Tickets

Other: Coliseum, Roman Forum and Palatine tickets;


50 Euro - Snack, drinks, food.


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