Delphi Highlights: Sanctuary of Apollo and The Archaeological Museum
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Delphi Highlights: Sanctuary of Apollo and The Archaeological Museum

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Join me visiting the oracle of Delphi and its historical jewels!

The special thing about this tour is that you'll have the change to be guided by a 100% local guide, descendent of Pythia, the famous oracle of Delphi.

The tour includes guided tour in the archaeological museum of Delphi, where we can admire the fine exhibits found during the excavations of the Sanctuary of Apollo, in 1892, by the French Archaeological School of Athens.

We will also see the archaeological site of Delphi, that was built in an imposing location on the foothills of mount Parnassus. The Temple of Apollo, the treasury house of the Athenians, the Polygonal wall and the Theatre are also some of the most important buildings you will get to know!


The tour of Delphi includes visit of the museum & the Sanctuary of God Apollo. Breathtaking views of the Delphic scenery!

- We are meeting at the ticket booth of the museum, that is right outside of the entrance of the museum. Please note that you have to walk up the stairs so as to find the ticket booth.

- During the tour we'll see the famous Navel Stone, the symbol of the center of the Earth, the bronze statue of the Charioteer and some big statues that were found in the Sanctuary of Apollo.

- Then we proceed to the site, to see and to explain more details about the Oracle of Delphi, the temple of Apollo, the famous treasury houses and the theatre.


Meeting Point Options: Suggested by Guide: Delphi Archaeological Museum Address: Delphi 330 54, Greece

Duration: 3 hours.

The tour of the museum and the Sanctuary of Apollo last maximum 2,5 hour.


The tour doesn't include transportation, it's a walking tour. You will need to make your way to the museum entrance.


  • Guiding Services


15 Euro - 15€ per person for the entrance fee and the whispers-guiding system.


Other: Ticket fees are not included


I am licensed tour guide all over Greece.My hometown is Delphi and my family is in Delphi, so I guide only here, in the museum & the archaeological site and if somebody is interested I can lead and guide him in the monastery of Osios Loukas.

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