Colosseum Gladiator Tour
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Colosseum Gladiator Tour

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Colosseum - Roman Forum - Imperial Forum

This is a unique experience, a new tour, a thematic tour to discover the real history of Gladiators admired by men and loved by women. I will lead you into the past at the origin of the gladiatorial fight. Gladiators were prisoners, criminals, slaves or paid volunteers and the fights and shows involved wild animals. We will enter the Colosseum to see where gladiators accompanied by dancers, jugglers, priests and musicians fought, won and died. We will walk where the emperors would have walked in the past to follow the show and to sentence to life or death the gladiators. The Colosseum built in 70/72 a. d is still nowadays impressive with its massive structure. We will then reach the Roman Forum, the central political, commercial and religious area of the ancient city of Rome. Looking at the ruins I will recreate with historical facts everyday Roman's life.


We will start our visit with the Amphitheatre Flavian ( nicknamed Colosseum). We will continue our visit to reach and enter the Roman Forum and we will finish along Via Dei Fori Imperiali looking at the ruins of the Imperial Forum.

Please note that for safety reasons the Colosseum can accommodate up to 3. 000 people at once. This could lead to delays in access to the site, even for pre-booked visitors. For security reasons, all visitors and their luggage shall be screened.

- use comfortable shoes
- in the summer time is very warm so is suggested to start your tour early in the morning
- is confirmed the prohibition of bringing backpacks , camping , bulky bags and luggage / trolley, can be introduced medium and small size backpacks to shoulder, which must be checked, as any other bag, with metal detectors, opened and visually inspected by the Urbe Security Institute, responsible for the entrance inspection.

* Also available with transportation. Just make an inquiry for the actual cost.


Meeting Point Options: Hotel, Suggested by Guide: Just Outside Colosseum subway station in Via Dei Fori Imperiali, Line B. At newsagent, souvenir Kiosk at the right-hand side. I'll have a sign with your name on it. There's only one exit. You cannot miss it.

Duration: 3 hours


This is a walking tour

-The tour can be arranged for larger groups upon request


Other: - My guidance as official licensed tour guide for the 3 hours tour
- Entrance Fee


20 Euro - No extra payments for the guided tour,
however take some cash since many do not accept credit cards


Other: -Hotel pick up available at extra cost

- Vehicle models ( with a/c) Mercedes car or Mercedes Viano

-water, food and anything else not included in the section "included"


I am not a driver. I can arrange for you for a car and a driver.

Before booking contact me is always better to check the availability with me, to agree on the time of departure, I will be happy to answer you!

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