What To Prepare When Traveling To Santorini ?

What To Prepare When Traveling To Santorini ?

⭕ Visa: but if you have a Schengen visa, you can go to Santorini, Greece, no need to apply for a Greek visa.
⭕ Sim 3G/Wifi adapter: this is important, because without internet, you will be blind, because the road on the island is like a maze, it's okay to get lost
⭕ International driving license: if you intend to rent a car to go out on the island, you must apply for an international driver's license first in Vietnam (apply online, how to apply for it, ask google)
⭕ Tripod, selfie stick: essential for solo travelers like my
⭕ Beach clothes, bathing
⭕Mark fun places on google map first at home, don't waste time researching
⭕And don't forget Sunscreen


⛔ Where When Traveling Santorini ?
Since Santorini is an ideal resort, I came here for the purpose of enjoying the atmosphere and resting.
I chose to stay for 2 nights in Oia village - one of the villages with the most beautiful view in Santorini, so the hotel price here is also quite expensive from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros a night if going in peak color, sometimes without booking.
. 1 night in the central village of Fira, here the hotel is a little cheaper than Óia but really in Oia is still better.

- Oia Village: I stay at Residence Suites, price 150e/1 night => cave hotel, sea view overlooking the crater, swimming pool, quite clean room

- Fira Village: Tataki hotel, price 50e/1 night => clean hotel, right in the center of Fira, near bus station, old port, cute enthusiastic receptionist

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