What Kinds of Charter Bus Tours Are There?

What Kinds of Charter Bus Tours Are There?

A large group of people can easily be transported by charter bus tours to almost any venue or event, including tourist destinations, Broadway performances, and historical sites. In order to efficiently plan trips and guarantee that group members arrive at locations on time, school organizations, senior groups, and businesses frequently use a chartered bus service. Whether for sightseeing, gaming, or shopping, charter bus trips can be tailored to suit a range of vacation requirements.

To popular tourist locations in major American cities like New York City, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, several charter tours are available. Prices for tour bus packages frequently include lodging, transportation, and admission to events, museums, and attractions. Theme charter tours like those for theater, art, or concerts are frequently offered by clubs and groups. The tours may consist of a one-day excursion, a visit to a single location or performance, or a series of shows spread out over several days and at several locations.

Bus tours catering to collectors are also available, such as basket collectors touring the Longaberger Factory Store in Newark, Ohio, or art glass collectors visiting The Fenton Gift Store in Williamston, West Virginia. In addition to the ultimate destination, collector tours will often include stops along the way at theme-related sites, such as an art studio or gallery. This provides added entertainment as well as a chance for bus passengers to stretch their legs or have a meal.

For an easy way to keep a large group together, many couples choose charter bus tours to transport their wedding party members or guests to or from the wedding and reception. A charter bus offers plenty of room for many members of the wedding party, and eliminates the chance of guests losing their way between venues. It also does away with the inconvenience of finding and paying for parking spots for multiple vehicles at the celebration site.

Senior charter tours are catered toward interests of the group, ranging from sightseeing ventures to gambling junkets. The senior tours offer safety and companionship for seniors who may not feel comfortable venturing to new locations on their own. Many bus tours catering to seniors will tailor destinations to the desires of a group.

Conventions, church groups and corporations often take advantage of the convenience charter bus tours offer in moving large groups of people to meeting destinations. Charter bus tours are also used for school field trips as well as fraternity and sorority events. Shopping trips to large malls, such as the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, and major flea markets and art shows are also options for bus tours.

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