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Venice Private Tour: how to stay away from the crowd?

Getting around in Venice is unlike any other in Europe. Simply Venice is a beautiful island connected to the mainland by a unique road. Most traveling in Venice is floating on the sea, which sounds interesting because going from one island to another requires a boat.
Public transport in Venice is operated by ACTV company and includes all public transport such as water Bus, boat and land bus.
Buying an ACTV Day Pass will greatly benefit you when traveling in Venice.
This card has types, the first type
24 hours for 20€ 
48h for 30€ 
72h for 40€ 
🛑 This ticket type does not include airport transfers.
Second type:
24h price 32€ 
48h price 42€ 
72h price 52€ 

🔴 This ticket includes round trip airport transfers
The valid value is also calculated from the time of card activation, not by day, for example, you can use it from 11 am today to 11 am next day from the time of card activation.
Water Bus is also the only public transport connecting the main island of Venice to the islands of Murano and Burano , two beautiful islands with many colorful houses, along with a traditional glass-making village. Both types of tickets above you can use.
This pass is not included for the Gondola.

Visit Venice, if you need local guide, please feel free to contact us

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