The best things to do in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

The best things to do in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Amsterdam, dubbed the most bicycle capital in the world, is famous for its countless unique museums. Beautiful House would like to summarize some experiences for you when you come to Amsterdam, hope you will have a little luggage before you set out to explore this place.
‼️ How to move in the simplest and most cost-effective way when you are in Amsterdam???
👉 The first thing you need to do is download the App "public transport 9292" or "NS Reisplanner Xtra".
These two apps are very easy to use and it's really convenient, the train-bus time is accurate to the minute, you will save a lot of time finding the way.
👉Please buy a travel card named: Amsterdam & Region Travel.
This card allows you to use completely free of charge in the following areas and facilities:
✔️ Explore the beaches of Zandvoort
✔️Edam Cheese Market
✔️Aalsmeer Flower Market
✔️Traditional craft villages like Volendam and Zaanse Schans
✔️Keukenhof Flower Garden (note that this card cannot be used to visit the inside of the flower garden)
✔️ And all public transport ABSOLUTELY FREE such as subway, train, Bus, floating tram, ferry..
Cards are available in 1-2-3 days with denominations sold at MBS as follows:
Type 1 day: 16€ (online price 19.50)
Type 2 days : 25€ (online price 28)
Type 3 days : 31€ (price online36.50)

* Cards are counted starting at 00:00 and ending at 04:00 the next day.
* Your card will be activated the first time you register on a tram, bus, subway or train. You must swipe your card every time you get on and off the vehicle.
* The card is accepted on Bus Arriva 858 from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Keukenhof Gardens .
* In addition, the card is also accepted for buses operated by GVB, Connexxion and EBS, including night buses and especially on NS trains in the Amsterdam area, the card is free to use.
‼️ Note when ordering a card: You just need to send your full name to MBS and email, MBS will transfer the code to you and you just need to hold that code and give it to the staff at the following points. , they will check and give the card to you in 1-2 minutes .
1️⃣ Schiphol Airport
2️⃣ Amsterdam Central
3️⃣ Amsterdam Sloterdijk
4️⃣ Amsterdam Zuid
5️⃣ Supermarkets selling this card can be exchanged.
‼️ Where to go when in Amsterdam?
✔️ Walk along the Canal Ring - DamSquare Square and central shopping areas - The Dancing House .. Ledseplein - Max Euweplein, Kadijksplein - Entrepotdok - De Wallen- Nieuwmarkt streets are always bustling at night.

✔️ The lovely old town of Volendam has
The campus is planted with many colorful flowers. Most of the old houses have become shops selling souvenirs, traditional costumes, specialty cheeses... and restaurants serving specialties of smoked eel and other fresh seafood.
✔️ Delft - Denhaag - Utrecht
Nice to see that Den Haag is extremely clean and somewhat more prosperous than Amsterdam. You should go there
✔️ Giethorm Fairy Tale Village
If you go here, you should buy a combo package for €23, it includes train tickets - 2-way travel buses and boat tours to the village, but there you can't use the Amsterdam Region Travel card 
✔️Come to the famous land of Tulips, please schedule your journey and come to explore the world of Heniken, learn about the history, production process and see how they are built. What is it like to get 1 bottle of beer?
With a ticket price of 15€, you can try 1 small Beer and get 2 extra large Beer glasses for free. Tickets do not have to wait , do not have to queue , can come at any time with a validity of 12 months

✔️ A miniature Disneyland just outside of Amsterdam is Efteling park
Very suitable for families with small children.
MBS has tickets for 25€ / 1 person, the park is open 365 days a year, don't forget to put Efteling park in the must-go places when you come to the Netherlands.
✔️ Coming to Amsterdam without visiting the red light district is a pity. From the central station, cross the bridge over the canal to enter the world's largest and most famous red light district.
There Casa Rosso is a club famous for its Sex show performances. Come and try it out, it's fun and civilized.
👉The ticket price of MBS sells for 39€ including a free one-time drink, 35€ without drinks, tickets without queuing, no need to set the date and time, when you want to come.
✔️In addition, Amsterdam has countless museums, these you can check yourself online.
‼️‼️ What to eat in Amsterdam
If you want to eat seafood, you can go to the following restaurants:
1/ Brut De Mer
2/VisCafe De Gouden Hoek
3/ Mossel & Gin
4/ Pesca Centrum
5/ The Seafood Bar
6/ The Seafood Market
In addition, these shops you can also come
1/ Korean barbecue restaurant:
Miss Korea Restaurant
2/ Vietnamese Sen restaurant
3/ Unlimited Grilled Ribs Restaurant
Satellite Sportscafe
4/ Street food at Albert Cuyp market
5/ The Foodhallen area is very fun to eat and drink with young people.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam is the largest port city in Europe and the second largest in the world. In Rotterdam the weather is always pleasant throughout the year, but the best are still summer and spring. An extremely magnificent city, where you can enjoy shopping, the nightlife is extremely bustling with major events, if anyone loves architecture, please do not miss Rotterdam.
‼️ What to eat in Rotterdam?
Come here to eat Asian food guys, Nice list
1 / Go to Little V restaurant to have crab noodle soup : Address : Grotekerkplein 109, 3011 HA
2/ Boguette Vietnamese bakery at Botersloot 60A, 3011 HJ is very delicious, next to Hanoi Pho restaurant
3/ The Korean Bapboss restaurant is delicious, it's on the street: Goudsesingel 26, 3011 KB Rotterdam. This shop is only open from
17:00pm - 22:00pm and closed on Sundays.
‼️ When you move to Rotterdam, you can always use the combo ticket of the fairy village of Giethorm above, you can use it together with Rotterdam, these 2 spots go in the day
✔️ Also, about 60km from Amsterdam, you can go to The Hague beach, the sea is very beautiful.

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