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What to visit in Lisbon?

In Lisbon, we also offer all kinds of tickets, from skydiving, helicopter rides, cruises or taking part in fast courses in cooking, baking, cocktail making.... All are available at MBS with best prices.

Price list:
City tour 3 hours with Tuk Tuk tram : 30 euro / 1 person
Tagus river cruise to watch the sunset : 35euro / 1 person / 2 hours
Helicopter flight (at least 3 people): 350euro / 25min
Fly a hot air balloon : 90euro / 1 person
Dolphin watching tour 50euro / 1 person
Hen and Stag Boat Party in Lisbon : 12 people 1 group / Private tour / 700 euro

What to visit in São Miguel ?

Just over an hour's flight from Lisbon, the Azores Islands, nicknamed the Green Island, are Portugal's largest archipelago. There are 9 large and small islands creating this archipelago, of which São Miguel is one of the islands you should visit the most.

São Miguel is famous for Terra Nostra Park, has a wonderful golf course system, in addition to the beautiful beaches São Miguel also has a lake, six volcanic zones, hot springs, and world-class architectural works. century, majestic scenery, São Jorge is a paradise for surfers and people are amazing
Overall of the Azores Islands, inhabited by nearly 300,000 people, the Azores are known for their brilliant blue-green lakes, fertile savannahs, volcanic craters, colorful hydrangeas, and 15th-century churches. and majestic manor houses.
The main airport is called Ponta Delgada, coming here you should rent a self-driving car, traveling between the small islands, there are canoes / boats.

In addition to São Miguel, you can visit Santa Maria Island, where there are two great beaches there: Praia Formosa and Praia São Lourenço. ...
Azores is a dream destination, cycling or walking around some villages, strolling the beaches is the best way to explore and experience
Currently, Portugal has opened to welcome passengers, airlines have operated and domestic flights are very cheap. I have a round trip round trip for 50 euros. At the airport, the staff checked the body temperature on the spot for a few minutes, distributed masks to tourists and accompanied the wishes "Enjoy in Azores Island"

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