One of the best restaurant in Barcelona.

One of the best restaurant in Barcelona.

El Quim - The best and most famous restaurant not to be missed if you go to La Boqueria market located on La Rambla Avenue in Barcelona
Located in a busy market, Quim de la Boqueria has only 18 seats on an area of ​​nearly 20m2, it's right on aisle 5 and stands at 525-526 with a menu of more than 50 dishes ranging from appetizers, desserts, from fresh seafood to the famous Mediterranean beef and pork, drinks including Sangria. All available at Quim
The wait to get a seat in Quim can be tough and even frustrating...but it's totally worth it and no regrets. On average, each guest here will have to pay about 50€ for 1 person.
Let's explore with MBS to see what famous dishes Quim has 🙂
1- Baby squid with 2 eggs : Sauteed baby squid with garlic served with 2 fried eggs. This dish can't help but oder guys, it's delicious
2- Razor clams and Cuttlefish : Grilled fingernail snails with small squid with delicious garlic butter sauce
3- Mini clams - Mussels

4- Quim "Super Burguer": the most famous foie gras of the restaurant with the slogan "Don't return home without tasting it" - Don't go home without tasting it. Worth to try !
5- Solomillo de Vaca: This dish is oder in Spanish, it's a delicious Beefsteak in Quim with the famous Catalan Romeso sauce.
5- Creme Brûlée or Passionfruit Cheesecake : two delicious desserts for you to enjoy.
🆘 If you come here on a Tuesday, don't forget to oder to try "Tataki de atún", the tuna dish served with potatoes with ginger jam is also excellent.
Please slowly enjoy your plate with 1 glass of Sangria or 1 cup of Beer, you will surely remember Barcelona forever 😜

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