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Ibiza - Best things to do and more

Ibiza, the island is known for countless nightclubs and parties of the top stars in the world.
With its crystal clear turquoise waters and perfect stretches of white sand, the architecture on the Island is so amazing, it's easy to see why Ibiza is such a place. 

How to get there
There are 2 ways to get to Ibiza, by plane or by ferry. I've never been on a ferry, so I don't know what time it will be.
When you arrive at the airport, go straight to the bus stop right outside.
Bus number 10 goes into the center for about 15 minutes with the ticket price for 1 person is 3.5€.
Or you take a taxi to the center, it costs about 40-50€ with a distance of 10km. The taxi there they charge like this: the driver come down to open the door for you, you will also be charged. For every 1 suitcase or bag to enter the car: you also be charged. Taxis at night are expensive too.
Back to the bus, don't get off at the main bus station because it's far from the center, get off at the Port (one station before the main bus stop) 

👉 Hotels:
In 2007 the local government passed a law that all new hotels in Ibiza must meet 5* standards. But actually Ibiza offers a lot of budget motels.

Where to play ?
There are a lot of bars, dance floors. Guarantee you will never pay attention to your phone to see the time, you will play overnight :-))
Nightly live music bars would be the legendary Teatro Pereyra. It's really the best of the Bars playing live music.
However, you should not miss the most famous dance floor in the world, the Pacha dance floor 😜.
The entrance fee here is 70€/person, if you buy online, it's only 40€
It's still an expensive night out because the drinks inside are ridiculously expensive, but in return you get a world-class experience.

👉Where to eat?
You can save about 50-70% of the cost if you go to the Pizza mecca area, El Pirata (Calle Garijo 10b), choose for yourself a table on the sidewalk, a cool glass of Mojito. The night show takes place right on the street. This area they serve from 8:00pm. Food is also very good.
And if you want a more better meal, you should go to these restaurants:
👉Comidas San Juan nearby, street name: Carrer Montgri 8
👉Bon Profit (Plaça des Parc 5)
👉Los Pasajeros (Calle Vicente Soler 6). As for this resto, try to find a sitting area on the side with the balcony, guys, it's extremely romantic.

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