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🍀 PARIS or Fashion Capital, City of Light, despite its popularity, not everyone understands Paris.
Ancient buildings in Europe are everywhere, because it is a very unique feature of this continent. So, if you just glance at Paris, or listen to a few small stories about Paris, you will not really understand the connection between each building built through the ups and downs that make up the history of Paris in particular and France in general.
With Paris, you should spend at least 3 days to explore and experience the city of long historical works.

✈️🚅🚘  Moving to Paris:
Come explore Paris by train if you are in Zurich - Belgium - Amsterdam - London - Barcelona or even Berlin. The excitement of being able to admire the scenery outside is extremely .
For more detailed information and to receive promotional fares of the above journeys, you can ask questions to MBS.
♥️ If you travel by air, there are 3 airports in Paris:
✈️ Paris Charles-de-Gaulle
✈️ Paris Orly
✈️ Airport de Beauvais-Tille .
Usually international flights will arrive at Charles-de-Gaulle airport, while cheap or domestic flights can land at Paris Orly and Aéroport de Beauvais-Tillé.

👉 How to travel and visit in Paris for convenience
The easiest and most flexible way to travel around Paris is with a City pass.
This card allows you to use unlimited public transport such as metro, Bus, Tramway, RER and SNCF terrestrial trains from Zone 1 to Zone 3.
The Ile-de-France region is divided into 5 zones and the capital Paris is in zone 1. Metro covers mainly zones 1 and 2, some terminals reach zone 3.
Let's talk a little bit about RER and SNCF symbols for you to grasp:
🇫🇷 RER is a train running within the Paris region, don't be confused with TER, because TER is a train running outside of Paris, the City pass card is not valid for TER.
SNCF is the National Railway Company
Note: CDG airport belongs to zone 5 (north of Paris), Orly airport zone 4 (south), Versailles castle zone 4 (southwest), Disneyland Paris zone 5 (east). If you take the RER train to these points, you need to buy a ticket to travel from zone 3 to Zone 4, 5.
👉 In addition, with City pass card, you are also allowed to use the following free services:

1️⃣ Paris Big Bus Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour
With an extensive departure route, including 9 stops at famous landmarks around the city and an Audioguide in 8 languages ​​available, you can hop on and off at any point you want, with unlimited use of within 1 day.
2️⃣ Louvre Museum
The Louvre is one of the most beautiful and most visited art galleries in the world!
3️⃣ Palace of Versailles
The Palace of Versailles, the center of French power under Louis 14, is one of the largest and most magnificent castles in Europe.
4️⃣ Bateaux Parisiens River Cruise
The Bateaux Parisiens cruise along the Seine takes you to discover the City of Lights from the water. You can start from the Eiffel Tower, or right at Notre Dame Cathedral. The tour lasts for 60 minutes.

6️⃣ Arc De Triomphe
The Arc de Triomphe is perhaps one of the most beautiful of all French monuments. Built between 1806 and 1836, the Arc de Triomphe honors Napoleon's return from battle, however, the Emperor died before it was completed (although his body was transferred over). there to the final resting place located at the Palace of Invalides)
A ceremony was held at the crypt of the unknown soldier on 11 November on the anniversary of the armistice of 1918
Legendary military pilot Charles Godefroy flew his plane under the Arch three weeks after the WWI victory parade in 1919 much to the displeasure of the French authorities
The observation deck is located at a height of 50m, the Arc de Triomphe is one of the places with the best view in Paris. Those who come in the evening will see the Champs Elysées and the Sacré Coeur illuminated by street lights at sunset, a truly romantic experience.

7️⃣ Montparnasse Tower
Named after Mont Parnassus, the Greek mountain, the Montparnasse Tower is Paris' only skyscraper and stands at 689ft tall, the view from the 59th floor terrace is undoubtedly one of the best panoramas in the city . After the Eiffel Tower, the Montparnasse Tower is a must-see for sweeping views across the capital - and if you're lucky, you might even see as far as 40km! Overlooking Paris' main attractions include Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and the Sacré Coeur. You'll experience a super-fast elevator that will take you from the ground floor to the 56th floor in just 38 seconds (that's 19 feet per second!), and then walk up to the 59th floor rooftop.
8️⃣ Center Pompidou
As the largest and most important modern art museum in Europe, one of the most famous in the world, Center Pompidou is a must-see when you visit Paris.

9️⃣ O Château Wine Tasting
The French are the best wine connoisseurs in the world. Les Cave du Louvre is a great historic cellar that you should visit if you are in Paris. Wine tasting is a great experience that helps you learn the basics like color, taste and smell of the three most famous wines, with the City pass you've already saved yourself 32 euros.
🔟 Opera Garnier Guided
And countless other free points are located at the link below
If you own a CityPass card, when you go to the above places, you just need to give the card to the staff, you will immediately be given priority to enter first without having to wait in line. Please download the CitypassParis App to your device to be able to program in the most effective way.
Cards are available at MBS with the following prices:
👉 2 days type
✔️4 - 11years. : 37€
✔️12 - 17years. : 57€
✔️Adult (18 years +) : 89€
👉 3 days type
✔️4 - 11 years. : 39€
✔️12 - 17 years. : 69€
✔️Adult (18 years +) : 119€
👉 4 days type
✔️4 - 11 years. : 42€
✔️12 - 17 years. : 73€
✔️Adult (18 years +) : 130€
How to change the card: MBS will email you the code, then you can change the card at:

Big Bus Ticket Shop (11 Avenue de L'Opera - 75001 Paris)
- Near Metro lines 7 and 14: Pyramides,
- Get out of the metro at Exit 2 Rue de l'Echelle
- Turn left at the top of the stairs
- The collection center is located on the right hand side.
Opening hours: Monday - Sunday: 09.30 - 18.30
🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 What to eat when coming to Paris 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
Enjoy breakfast breakfasts with Baguettes most famous when it comes to French bread.
Baguette can be eaten alone or with jam, dipped with sauce in the main dish, or with traditional French cheese (Fromage) such as Brie, Coulommiers, Camembert..etc. In addition to baguettes, croissants are also famous for their crispy, buttery crust.

For lunch or dinner, enjoy the famous specialties of Paris which are:
♥️Snail Escargot with avocado and parsley, Foie gras Paté, Onion soup (soupe à l'oignon) are typical French appetizers
♥️Poulet roti : French grilled chicken
♥️Coq-au-vin: famous Bourgogne chicken stew, braised in red wine with mushrooms and other vegetables.
♥️Similar to beef, there is Bœuf bourguignon.
♥️Entrecôte-frites : steak and fries
♥️Hachis Parmentier: mashed potatoes with minced meat, served with salade.
♥️Cuisses de grenouilles: Crispy fried frog thighs
♥️Crème brûlée: a favorite French dessert with a thin, hard caramel crust, creamy custard underneath.
♥️Kir royal, one of the most loved aperitifs in France.
♥️Macarons, beautiful baby cakes with many flavors for you to choose from. The most famous bakeries with this type of cake can be mentioned as Ladurée, Pierre Hermé, Dalloyau or Angelina.

🥢🥄🥢 Where to eat???
🇫🇷 Champs-Elysees + Arc de Triomphe
♥️Entrecôte de Paris (FR)
♥️Cafe di Roma (Italy)
♥️Kambodgia (Asian clothes)
♥️Bensai (Thai)
♥️Saigon Etoile (VN)
Eiffel Tower
♥️Hanoi Corner
♥️Matsuri Passy (Japan)
♥️Chikara (Japan)
♥️Chez Pippo (Europe)
♥️Au Bon Accueil (FR)
♥️Capriccio Sorrentino (Europe)
♥️Alfio (Europe)
Louvre Museum
♥️Chez Claude (FR)
♥️Kodawari Ramen (Japan)
♥️Pho 14
Opera House
♥️Non Coupable (FR)
♥️Le Mesturet (FR)
♥️Entre 2 Rives (VN) + many Japanese, Korean, and Chinese items
🇫🇷 Notre Dame Cathedral
♥️Jardin de Notre Dame (FR)
♥️Bistro Beaubourg (FR)
♥️Le Petit Bistro du Village (FR)
♥️Le Grigouille (FR)
🇫🇷 Latin Old Town + Saint-Germain
♥️Mouffetard Saigon's
♥️Bonjour Vietnam
♥️Foyer Vietnam
♥️Le Table D'Hami (Korea)
♥️Chez Gladines (FR)
♥️Le SweetSpot (FR)
♥️L'Avant Comptoir (FR)
♥️Nossa Churrasqueira (Portugal)
♥️Au pays du Vietnam
♥️Un jour à Hanoi
The Square
♥️Atelier Annam (VN)
♥️Le Rempart (FR)
♥️Le Bistrot du Peintre (FR)

District 13
♥️Three Regions
♥️Ngoc Xuyen Saigon
♥️Bom Pho
♥️Pho 13
♥️Hello Mrs
♥️DNJ Cafe
♥️Pho Mui
♥️Comme au Vietnam
♥️New Saigon
♥️Viet Thai
♥️Pretty Pretty
♥️Le Homard Bleu (seafood)
🇫🇷🇫🇷 Other areas:
🥢🥢🥢 Asian restaurants:
♥️Dat Viet (District 14)
♥️Yummy – Asian Food (District 10)
♥️Little-Hanoi (District 11)
♥️My Noodles (District 6)
♥️Le Dan Bau (District 18)
♥️Bistrot d'Indochine (District 15)
♥️New Thai San (District 18)
🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 European restaurants:
♥️Le Relais de l'Entrecôte (District 8, District 6)
♥️Chez Bouillon Chartier (District 9)
♥️O'212 (District 10)
♥️Fric-Frac (District 10)
♥️Le Moderne (District 10)
♥️Baroom (District 11)
♥️La Carotte Verte (District 15)
♥️La Table d'Hubert (District 15)
♥️Jadoree (District 15)
♥️Cafe Harcourt By Dalloyau (District 16)
♥️Le Championnet (District 18)
♥️La Pavillon des Canaux (District 19)
♥️Pedra Alta (seafood)

💃🕺💃🕺Where to go when going to PARIS
In addition to famous buildings such as Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, you can also walk to other famous parks such as:
♥️Jardin de Luxembourg
♥️Parc Montsouris
♥️Parc Aux Buttes-Chaumont
♥️Jardin des Plantes
🌷🌷🌷Amusement park: For all families, all ages
🍀Disneyland Paris: the fairy world in the animated movies of Walt Disney
🍀Parc Astérix (near CDG terminal 3): the land of myths with thrilling games and super fun + dolphin show
France Miniature (30km southwest of Paris): France in miniature with more than 100 typical works, from the Stade de France to the ancient castles along the Loire, from the Eiffel Tower to the Mont-Saint-Michel convent.
🇫🇷🇫🇷 There are also:
Aquarium de Paris (right on Trocadéro square overlooking the Eiffel Tower)
Jardin d' Acclimation (District 16)
Aquaboulevard (water park, district 15)
Zoo de Vincennes (District 12),
Safari de Thoiry (16th century Thoiry castle + zoo, 50km west of Paris)
Parc Saint Paul (70km from Paris)
Parc Aventure Land (55km from Paris)
🍀AccroCamp (70km from Paris)…
🕺💃🕺Other entertainment programs:
Sexy shows :
♥️♥️♥️♥️ Lido
♥️♥️♥️♥️ Crazy Horse
♥️♥️♥️♥️ Moulin Rough
Admission tickets to all of the above locations are on sale at MBS Travel

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