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Cappadocia is a region of many small cities in central Turkey, including the famous Hot Air Balloons near the city of Goreme, where houses are located in caves, steep mountain slopes and beautiful valleys.
1. Visa Turkey for non EU passport:
If you are living and studying in Europe or already have a Schengen Visa, US visa, UK visa, Ireland visa, just go to apply the e-visa fee is 45usd. If you do not have one, instead of applying for a visa to Turkey, you will need to apply for a Schengen visa.

2. Air tickets and ways to go:
If you do an E-Visa, you must fly a Turkish airline like Turkish Air, Pegasus...
At Istanbul airport you can buy a Turkcell sim, priced at nearly 20e with data up to 6GB and used for 1 month.

From Istanbul you can go to Cappadocia by bus for about 10 hours, or by plane, but the fare is almost the same, so I recommend everyone to fly because it only takes more than an hour. Domestic airfares are not too expensive, especially early morning flights. You can go to Istanbul to play first and then take an early flight to Cappadocia the next day.
The airport is quite far from the center, so when you book your hotel, there is an airport shuttle service by private car, priced from 17€/person/1way.
3. Transportation:
This Goreme city is quite small. Walking is the main thing here, if you have a driver's license, you should rent a self-drive car from Kayseri airport, the self-driving experience is also very good while the car rental price is not expensive at all, gasoline is cheap.

MBS price list of tours
✅ Hot Air Balloon Tour: 109 euro
The tour includes pick up from the hotel, light breakfast, about 1 hour after the end everyone congratulates with Champagne and receives a certificate.
✅ Red and Green Tour
North Cappadocia Tour (Red Tour) : 39 euro per person
South Cappadocia Tour (Green Tour) : 39 euro per person
Both tours include:
- Professional English speaking guide
- Lunch
- Round trip transportation
-Pick up: 09:30am to 10:00am depending on your hotel location.
End of tour: Around 17:00 pm.

✅Tour Ihlara Valley & Underground City (explore the underground city): 39 euro per person
Tour includes:
- Professional tour guide
- Entrance fees
- Lunch buffet
- Round trip transportation
Pick up: 9:30am to 10:00am depending on your hotel location.
End of tour: Evening
✅ HorsebackRiding Cappadocia Tour: 52 euro per person

Tour included
- Tour guide and Round trip transportation
✅ Jeep Safari Cappadocia Tour: 79eur
Pick up: 10:00 to 10:30 depending on your hotel location.
End of tour: Around 14:30pm
Tour includes: Tour guide, Lunch and round trip transportation
✅Tour Turkish Night Show & Dinner Cappadocia : 33 euro per person
Pick up: 19:30/20:00
Tour ends: After midnight
- Unlimited dinner drinks, fruits.
- Round trip transportation

✅ATV Quad Safari Cappadocia Tour :
27 euro /2h or 35 euro/3h
Tour includes: Guide and Roundtrip Transfer

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