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Barcelone Spain

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Nice to summarize here a little experience for those of you who have a program to go to Barcelona in, hope you will have an interesting vacation with this beautiful city.
‼️ If you come to Barcelona from other cities by plane, do not mistake the name of the airport. Bacerlona main airport is El Prat, because last year many families mistakely booked to Girona airport, this airport is very far from the center, so please note when booking.

In addition, if you come from France (Paris), you can choose to travel by train of Renfe. Train tickets are available at MBS with prices from 79€/person with a journey of 6h27'. 2 trips a day.

Going by train also has advantages for you in the following points:
- Save money traveling to the airport from the center of Paris and to the center of Barcelona from El Prat airport. While if you go by train, you go right to the station of the center
- No need to worry about how many pieces of luggage when traveling between train and plane

‼️ How to move around in Barcelona in the most reasonable way, saving money and time?
MBS sells 2-3-4 and 5-day Turbo pass tickets with the following price list:
👉 Type 2 days:
✔️4 - 10 years. : 29 €
✔️11 - 12 years. : 45 €
✔️13 - 17 years. : 59 €
✔️Adult (18 years +) : 70 €
👉 3 day type -
✔️4 - 10 years. : 35€
✔️11 - 12 years. : 52€
✔️13 - 17 years. : 60€
✔️Adult (18 years +) : 77€
👉 4 days type
✔️4 - 10 years. : 40 €
✔️11 - 12 years. : 52€
✔️13 - 17 years. : 70€
✔️Adult (18 years +) : 83€
👉 5 days type
✔️4 - 10 years. : 41€
✔️11 - 12 years. : 55€
✔️13 - 17 years. : 77€
✔️Adult (18 years +) : 87€

❗️ With this City pass card, what can you use for free?
1️⃣- Basilica of Sagrada Familia. When you book a City pass, please pass along the date and time you will visit the Church for the Beautiful House (This is required for monument conservation reasons).
2️⃣- Bus Hop on Hop off of Barcelona Bus Turístic company will take you to 44 famous destinations with Audioguide in 16 languages ​​via 3 different bus routes.
3️⃣- Free two-way airport transportation with Metro - Bus 46. You can find your way through Google Map by typing the address where you live. El Prat airport has 2 terminals, remember this point, if you fly to Terminal T1, you have to go back to T1, go to T2, you have to go back to T2, unless you buy tickets for one-way and one-way trip. return to the same airline. It's best when you check in, you should pay attention to which station you will go and arrive at so that you won't lose time.
Note: City pass cannot be used with AeroBus. In case you use AeroBus, the one-way fare is €5.90 and the two-way ticket is €10.20. AeroBus cars all have an electronic board showing which station they will go to with the symbol A1 for T1 and A2 for T2
4️⃣- Free public transport:
- TMB metro lines are the abbreviation for Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona from L1 to L5, L9 to L11.

- Bus routes of TMB
- Trains (Rodalies)
- Train lines running in the Catalunya 
- Rodalies train moves in zone 1
- Funicular Montjuic - mountain railway abbreviated by the symbol FM.
Please note: The subway runs from 5am to midnight from Monday to Thursday and Sunday, Friday until 2am and Saturday all night.

Particularly, night buses cannot be used with Citypass cards.

5️⃣ - City pass card is free to enter the Museums in Barcelona, ​​when you have this card you will not have to wait in line but have your own entrance.
6️⃣- A 35-minute tour at Barcelona's marina, you will visit the fishing harbour, the Torre del Rellotge lighthouse, sail under the famous Pont de la Porta dithEuropa and see it with your own eyes. 
7️⃣ Take the lift up to 60m from a height to see the whole scene of the Gotic neighbourhood, as well as admire the Montjuic hill with the castle and harbor, the Christopher Columbus monument, you will come to the harbor of the Plaza del Portal de. 
This card is not valid when going to buildings of architect Gaudi such as Casa Mila - Casa Batllo - Parkguell- Campnou.. The card is only valid when you visit the above attractions when buying admission tickets and Discounts from 10-20% are available.

The second option is for those of you who do not need to go sightseeing but you just need to travel by public transport, then MBS has a Hola Barcelona card of 2-3-4 and 5-day types. UNLIMITED travel pass
The card is valid for traveling by subway and other public transport networks such as unlimited bus and train. All are only used for Zone 1, which means only in zone 1 (inside the city, not outside other suburban areas).
The card is calculated from the first time you start using the card, MBS will send you a code and you can pick up the card at any Metro Station in the city as well as outside the airport.
Child and adult card prices are the same, only children under 4 years old are free of charge
👉2 day type: 13€
👉3 day type: 17€
👉4 day type: 22€
👉5 day type: 30€

‼️ What to eat when in Barcelona
1️⃣- O'retorno seafood restaurant
Address: Carrer Comte d'Urgell 168
This restaurant is a worthn-going place when you want to eat cheap and delicious seafood.
2️⃣ Self-service seafood chain La Paradeta
✔️Carrer Comercial, 7
✔️Carrer del Consell de Cent, 318
✔️Passatge de Simó, 18
3️⃣ WokDao Buffet 17.50€/1 serving
4️⃣ Unlimited Beefsteak 20-25€/1 person
Address: Carrer Consell de Cent 403
5️⃣ El Quim, located on the grounds of La Boqueria market
6️⃣ Tapas Ciudad Condal
Address: Rambla de Catalunya 18
✔️ In case you want to buy food for cooking, you can visit Sant Antoni market seafood market, and buy Asian food, visit Dong Fang Barcelona store.

‼️ Where to go when coming to Barcelona
We just type out all the places you can visit, depending on the length of your stay, you can adjust yourself accordingly.
1️⃣- Inside Barcelona you can go to the following places:
✔️ La Rambla Avenue - visit La Boqueria market - Gotic Old Town
✔️ Olympic Harbor- Tibidabo Amusement Park
✔️ParkGuell Park - Sagrada Familia Church- The famous architectures of Gaudí such as Casa Mila - Casa Batllo...
✔️CampNou football field - Water music station in Plaza España
✔️Aquarium and countless museums in the city.
👉 All of the above tickets are available at Beautiful House. Tickets in the form of E-tickets will be emailed to you, all tickets have a QR code, you just need to show the staff that they will scan the ticket code themselves, not need to print it.
‼️‼️ Exclusively for those who only visit Barcelona 7-8 hours by Cruise
The best way for you is to buy yourself a Hop on Hop off bus ticket, the ticket is available at Beautiful House, the bus picks you up and takes you right at the port, saving you time and fatigue, and visiting a lot.
2️⃣- Attractions outside of Barcelona (Note, the Citypass card cannot be used for areas outside Bcn.
✔️The town of Sitges is 40 minutes by train from Barcelona. You go to Sant Barcelona to buy tickets, there is a staff to support you. If you don't know the language, enlarge the word Sitges and they will buy it for you. Let's go to Sitges guys, it's beautiful.

✔️Girona - Tarragona , these two places are also worth going, but for us to see Girona is better to visit.
Girona is one of the most important historical landmarks in Spain. Before Barcelona took the final rule, this Roman-founded city was taken over by the Moors and Franks. Influenced by many cultures and religions, the city has stunning architecture. Coming to the Old Town and New Town, you will have many opportunities to have fun and forget your way home
From the business district of Passeig de Gràcia, in Barcelona, ​​you'll depart to see the natural splendor of Montserrat, Catalunya's most iconic mountain. Just 50 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​this beautiful mountain is topped by its famous monastery, filled with a serene, somber atmosphere that seems far from the city. On the way to this monastery, you will be able to admire the Montserrat massif, a rocky mountain range with many needle-shaped peaks. 
✔️ PortAventura
Europe's second largest amusement water park. Here are 3 Parks with 3 different themes
👉 Ferrari Land
👉 Caribbean Aquatic
👉 PortAventura

Try your guts as you dive into the poles with Shambhala, the tallest roller coaster in Europe with the longest plunge in the continent that will show you what thrills are.
There are 40 shows throughout the park daily: from cancan to aboriginal dance, acrobatics and more.
PortAventura lives up to its name as a place of true adventure that you shouldn't miss.
Tickets are available at MBS:
✔️ 1 day 2 park (Ferrari Land - PortAventura) : 40€/adult and 39€/child
✔️ Caribbean Aquatic 1 day 25€
How to go:
Take the Renfe/Regional train and get off at "PortAventura" stop and walk for about 5 minutes
Take Bus "Cambrils-Tarragona-La Pobla L" to "Port Aventura" stop and walk for about 1 minute

In addition, coming to Barcelona, ​​you can also visit many famous wine cellars. There they have a lot of tours to visit, listen to how they present the process of making a bottle of wine.. they will let you drink the wines they have, it's also fun.

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