Bus rental in Annecy: Explore Annecy with the best bus tour in Annecy, France

Bus rental in Annecy: Explore Annecy with the best bus tour in Annecy, France

If you want to travel to Annacy, don't hesitate to skip services like bus rental in Annecy or a great tour to fully explore this city. Annecy is located in the Rhône-Alpes region and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in France. With classic Italian-inspired architecture and beautiful views of Lake Annecy, this city attracts tourists from all over the world. 

Annecy - The Pearl of the French Alps

With pure and poetic beauty, Annecy is very suitable to become a tourist place to heal the soul and explore nature. People now liken Annecy as "the Venice of France", but in Annecy, there is a harmony between the green area of nature with the orange color of man-built buildings, which is the unique feature of this place. Let’s plan a bus tour in Annecy to see all the beauty in this city.

Famous landmarks in Annecy

landmarks in annecy Bus rental in Annecy

Located on the border between Italy, Switzerland and France, Annecy is considered a "jewel" with poetic and lyrical landscapes, and here also has many interesting tourist activities for travelers from all over the world. Annecy is in the Haute-Savoie area, Eastern France, more than 35 km from Geneva and 300 km southeast of Paris, so you can easily organize a tour with bus rental in Annecy. Mentioned as:

  • Pont des Amours Love Bridge: Below is the blue water, in the distance is the green park and the Alps, all these highlights have made the picture of the Pont des Amours Love Bridge romanticized and charming. According to legend, if a couple stands on this bridge and kisses each other, they will live happily together forever, as if this majestic Alps has testified to the couple's love.
  • Basilica of Visitation: This is a church located on a high hill, and when you conquer that hill, you will receive the "priceless gift" of a panoramic view of Annecy's stunning beauty. The interior decoration of the cathedral is "stained with history", as if to tell the story of the life of Saints François de Sales and Jeanne de Chantal (Patron saints of Annecy).
  • The Palais de l'Isle Museum: This is also an attractive tourist attraction in Annecy. The building was built in the 12th century. Throughout history, this was once a prison, court and palace of lords.

You will never feel sad or wasted when you have invested in a luxury bus tour in Annecy, a city of lightness and peace.

Transportation to get to Annecy - Bus rental in Annecy

Transportation to get to Annecy Bus rental in Annecy

If you are still worried that your travel will be very unstable, encounter many difficulties, and will not feel comfortable; then you should choose a dedicated and professional travel agency to handle all risks as quickly as possible. MBS87, a professional company specializing in providing tour buses in Annecy, especially bus rental Paris, we will make sure your coach rental tour will be as perfect and relaxing as possible. With us, you will experience:

  • Modern coach: MBS87 specializes in providing buses (or minibus, limousine bus, coach,...) with modern engines, comfortable and spacious seats. Besides, a team of professional drivers and foc tl will always accompany and support passengers in the best way.
  • Interesting tours: with over 10 years of experience in the travel industry, MBS87 has had practical experiences, from which to plan tours. By sincerely absorbing and listening to opinions from the experiences of old passengers, we have been constantly improving the quality of our services, promising to bring the most unique and refreshing experiences to our customers. with our guests.
  • Realistic pricing: Travel is a way to heal and find yourself, that's why we won't let price become a concern for travelers. MBS87 will absorb the opinions and needs of each customer to offer a reasonable price and satisfy customers as much as possible.

How to get to Annecy by bus? Bus rental in Annecy

How to get to Annecy by bus? Bus rental in Annecy

If you are wondering how to find a bus to Annecy? Then you've come to the right place. MBS87 are always here and ready to provide a tour bus rental in France in general and in Annecy of France in particular. 

However, if you have difficulty choosing a destination, please contact us immediately, MBS87 is always ready to give you a free consultation and quote. 

Let MBS87 become your companion, making your dream of "traveling to Europe, conquering France and immersing yourself in Annecy" come true. It is our honor to serve our customers. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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